Quietly Michaela Rose Is Becoming VA's Best Runner

Homeschooled superstar Michaela Rose is quietly becoming one of the best athletes in Virginia history. This past weekend she took one more step towards that goal with her 300m hurdle time that now leads the entire state. 

Michaela Rose's Athlete Profile

Though Michaela does lead the state in the 300mH, her real speciality is the 800m dash. In that event she has already finished as an All-American three times with her 6th, 5th, and 4th places at New Balance Nationals. Her personal bests also rank second and fourth all-time in the state of Virginia. 

Michaela being homeschooled has two affects. The first is she does not get to race any tough competition outside of the AAU VA Showcase and New Balance Nationals. Outside of that she is out there winning races by thirty seconds sometimes. 

The second thing though is what could be her biggest strength longterm and that is that she is able to quietly take down record after record. She is only a sophomore and already accomplished more than most of the all-time greats. She is able to do this quietly without all the hype thanks to being homeschooled. 

The biggest question though with her is not how fast she will go or how many state records she will set but the question is what is going to be her best event. 

Through just one weekend into her sophomore year these are already her PR's for outdoor events. You can see that already she is running times that could place her all-state in nearly every event. 

She has also run 40 flat for the 300 indoors.

Her combination of speed and endurance over the 800m distance leads us to believe that ultimately she could be an athlete like Jamaican national Champion Charokee Young who is a 400, 800, and 400m hurdles athlete. 

Simply put, the sky is the limit for sophomore Michaela Rose.