Real Deal TC's Elite Performance History

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32 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

100 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.74 Tre'Breh Scott-McKoy Nansemond River 
200 Meter Dash Finals 24.81 Brene' Donaldson Nansemond River 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 44.19 Taylynn Blunt Hampton 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 45.31 Destiny Copeland Grassfield 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 46.16 Tiana Lewis Colonial Forge 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 46.41 Junyce Hasberry Maury High School 
4x400 Meter Relay Finals 3:53.05 Relay TeamNansemond River 
4x800 Meter Relay Finals 9:39.18 Relay TeamGrafton High School 
Discus Finals 132-2 Chelsea Wallace Grassfield 
High Jump Finals 5-6 Makala Purifoy Colonial Forge 
Long Jump Finals 17-8.5 Ltamra Weeks Western Branch High School 
Long Jump Finals 17-9.5 Tre'Breh Scott-McKoy Nansemond River 
Long Jump Finals 18-10 Jordan Hardy Hampton 
Shot Put Finals 37-3 Jenae Bowers Grassfield 
Shot Put Finals 38-4.5 Georgia Coleman Elizabeth Seton High School 
Shot Put Finals 38-8 Ebonie Whitted Grassfield 
Triple Jump Finals 36-2.25 Elizabeth Taylor First Colonial 
Triple Jump Finals 36-6 Mekhia McCounts Maury High School 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 38.92 Eamon Cooney Bishop Sullivan 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 38.94 Noah Langford Kempsville High School 
400 Meter Dash Finals 48.62 Daiqwaun Faircloth Nansemond River 
400 Meter Dash Finals 49.02 Albert Cross Maury High School 
800 Meter Run Finals 1:55.94 Clint Gault Poquoson 
800 Meter Run Finals 1:57.59 Shamond Smith Kings Fork 
800 Meter Run Finals 1:57.67 Garrett Hamilton Grassfield 
Discus Finals 160-10.5 Troy Yearwood Atlantic Shores Christian 
Long Jump Finals 22-10.75 Colby Gibson Grassfield 
Pole Vault Finals 14-6 Will Stupalsky Fork Union 
Pole Vault Finals 14-6 Trey Delong First Colonial 
Shot Put Finals 52-0 Ivan Austin Churchland 
Shot Put Finals 56-4.75 Troy Yearwood Atlantic Shores Christian 
Triple Jump Finals 45-1.25 Chris Harris Churchland


39 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

100 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.54 Maya Seay Maury High School 
100 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.98 Taylynn Blunt Menchville 
100 Meter Dash Finals 12.11 Syaira Richardson Nansemond River 
100 Meter Dash Finals 12.12 Kori Carter Nansemond River 
100 Meter Dash Finals 12.15 Maya Seay Maury High School 
200 Meter Dash Finals 24.87 Syaira Richardson Nansemond River 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 44.10 Brooke Stith Maury High School 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 45.14 Tiana Lewis Colonial Forge 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 46.49 Taylynn Blunt Menchville 
400 Meter Dash Finals 56.45 Kori Carter Nansemond River 
400 Meter Dash Finals 56.73 Amira Aduma Phoebus 
400 Meter Dash Finals 57.56 Tre'Breh Scott-McKoy Nansemond River 
4x100 Meter Relay Finals 47.60 Relay TeamMaury High School 
4x100 Meter Relay Finals 47.81 Relay TeamNansemond River 
4x400 Meter Relay Finals 3:52.24 Relay TeamMills Godwin 
High Jump Finals 5-4 Makala Purifoy Colonial Forge 
High Jump Finals 5-4 Kiara Cherry Churchland 
Long Jump Finals 17-6 Mikayla Davis Hampton 
Long Jump Finals 17-7 Imani Gaston Western Branch High School 
Long Jump Finals 17-8 Jasmine Watson Nansemond River 
Long Jump Finals 18-0 Amari Jackson Woodrow Wilson 
Long Jump Finals 18-4 Kenya Chambers Oscar Smith High School 
Long Jump Finals 19-2 Syaira Richardson Nansemond River 
Triple Jump Finals 36-0 ShaDe' Elliott Churchland 
Triple Jump Finals 36-4 Imani Gaston Western Branch High School 
Triple Jump Finals 36-7.5 Jaylyn Lane I.C. Norcom 
Triple Jump Finals 37-1.5 Shadayah Nelson Maury High School 
Triple Jump Finals 37-4 Mekhia McCounts Maury High School 
Triple Jump Finals 37-11 Rebekah Greene Mills Godwin 
Triple Jump Finals 38-8.5 Amari Jackson Woodrow Wilson 
110 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.22 Kurt Powdar Oscar Smith High School 
110 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.48 Aaron Shirley Oscar Smith High School 
1600 Meter Run Finals 4:20.26 Miles Owens Grafton High School 
1600 Meter Run Finals 4:21.56 Peter Smith Oscar Smith High School 
4x400 Meter Relay Finals 3:20.76 Relay TeamNansemond River 
4x400 Meter Relay Finals 3:20.85 Relay TeamKempsville High School 
800 Meter Run Finals 1:55.78 Peter Smith Oscar Smith High School 
800 Meter Run Finals 1:57.07 Mason McClendon First Colonial 
Long Jump Finals 22-6.25 Alfred Shirley III Oscar Smith High School


11 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

1600 Meter Run Finals 5:08.71 Julia Lambert Norfolk Academy 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 45.69 December Hutchinson Menchville 
800 Meter Run Finals 2:19.86 Ellie Vest Norfolk Academy 
Discus Finals 120-9 Taylor Gorum Grassfield 
High Jump Finals 5-4 Ellie Vest Norfolk Academy 
Long Jump Finals 17-6.5 Victoria Gibson Princess Anne High School 
Shot Put Finals 37-5 Taylor Gorum Grassfield 
Shot Put Finals 39-4 Precious Bracey First Colonial 
Triple Jump Finals 36-5.5 Victoria Gibson Princess Anne High School 
1600 Meter Run Finals 4:21.43 Alexander Lomong Fork Union 
3200 Meter Run Finals 9:36.61 David Scherrer Cox


14 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

100 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.97 Ellie Randolph Norfolk Academy 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 46.14 Chaunise Warrior Western Branch High School 
300 Meter Hurdles Finals 46.50 Destiny Ward Oscar Smith High School 
3200 Meter Run Finals 10:55.47 Morgan Lewis Veritas School 
3200 Meter Run Finals 11:11.78 Madeleine King Ocean Lakes 
400 Meter Dash Finals 57.48 Jada Key Menchville 
Pole Vault Finals 11-0 Tyler Bannister Norfolk Academy 
Shot Put Finals 37-3 Jourdyn Beverly Elizabeth Seton High School 
Shot Put Finals 37-9 Sawyer Phontavi First Colonial 
Shot Put Finals 40-0 Lauren Coleman Elizabeth Seton High School 
3200 Meter Run Finals 9:30.85 Jonathan Lomogda Cox 
3200 Meter Run Finals 9:36.56 Andrew Carlin New Kent 
3200 Meter Run Finals 9:38.98 Dalton Randall Clover Hill 
Triple Jump Finals 45-7.25 Devontay Doyle Kempsville High School


8 performances met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.

100 Meter Hurdles Finals 14.88 Ellie Randolph Norfolk Academy 
Pole Vault Finals 10-6 tasia baxter First Colonial 
Shot Put Finals 38-3.5 Phontavia Sawyer First Colonial 
Shot Put Finals 38-11 Hannah Shoemaker Smithfield 
Shot Put Finals 40-1.5 Ebony Story Green Run 
Triple Jump Finals 37-8.5 Briana White First Colonial 
Discus Finals 151-5.5 Chris White Oscar Smith High School 
High Jump Finals 6-6 Nehemiah Lipford Bethel

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