Omohundro Is Gearing Up For National Title Attempt

After a huge state meet and some time off, Elby Omohundro is gearing up for a serious shot at the decathlon national title. He is coming for the big one after finishing second indoors, just 30 points away from winning the pentathlon title. 

Just like indoors he also is coming off of a huge state meet performance. This time outdoors he scored an insane 54 points. He finished 4th in the pole vault (12-0) and 110m hurdles (15.78), 3rd in the shot put (45-8.5), 2nd in the discus (137-11) and long jump (22-9), and won the triple jump (47-2.25) and high jump (6-4). 

Those marks, almost all PR's show us that he is in great fitness and that his body is ready for the grueling back-to-back nature of the multis. 

Earlier in this season he competed again at Arcadia. Last year he scored 5487 while this year rescored 6763. Both of those scores are important because he eventually scored 6140 at NBNO last year and finished 10th. 

That improvement shows us it might not be too far of a stretch to assume he could break 7,000 points this weekend. That of course will be the mark he is aiming for for a legit shot at the title. 

His 6763 from Arcadia this year would have been 3rd last year at NBNO. 7090 was the winning scored with second place scoring 7025. 

The main goal, aside form winning and breaking 7k, will be taking it event by event. By the stats, he could seriously win the title but will need close to PR's in every event. The decathlon most certainly will have its ups and downs. Especially considering some athletes favor day one's events over day two's or vice a versa. 

If Elby is able to come close to PR's or have a repeat of the state meet this weekend then you better be watching those live scores because it will come down to the 10th and final event.