West Springfield Trio Looks To Catapult Track Success To XC

West Springfield is on a mission and the trio of Sean Stuck, Sam Pritchard, and Chris Weeks is looking to dominate Class 6 this XC season. They as a team alongside teammates Compley, Hawkins, Lozano, and Brown are looking to bring home the state team title. 

Last XC season the Spartans finished a close second to W.T. Woodson 78 to 72 with their big three finishing 3-7-9 overall. This year they are going to try and go 1-2-3. 

Oakton though, who was third a year ago returns four of their five scorers while West Springfield does the same. It should make for quite the battle at that state meet. 

Oakton derives their scoring from a more packed group of athletes while West Springfield is definitely trying to front-load like never before. If they are able to improve those 4-5-6 finishers' time it should be quite the competition come States time. 

This past spring the West Springfield Spartans had quite the state meet which saw them score a solid 31 points. Chris Weeks who was 9th in XC won the 3200m state title and Chris Weeks who was 7th in XC finished 2nd in a close 1600m race.