Britton Wilson Has Two Choices, One Chance At Nat. Title

This weekend will be an exciting end to VA's Britton Wilson's high school career. She is so fast though that she has a very tough decision ahead. She must choose between the 400 and 400m hurdles where she is entered in both. 

The 400m hurdles are scheduled first, Sunday at 4:00pm, with the 400m dash following at 4:30pm.

Though in theory she could run both, it would likely not be something any coach would want to do considering how hard these events are on the body. If any athlete could pull it off though, it would be Britton. 

Britton enters the weekend as US No. 1 over 400mH, US No. 1 over 300mH, US No. 2 in the 400, and US No. 12 for the 200m dash. 

Entering the meet and based solely on the performance list it looks like the 400m hurdles would be the easier event to win. Not only is she the top seed there but she also will not have to face off with US No. 2 or US No. 4 who are not currently entered. 

The 400m dash on the other hand could be the greatest field ever compiled. In this event Britton is ranked second but would face US No's. 1,3,4,5,7,8,9. That includes indoor national champion Kimberly Harris (GA) ranked as the 8th seed in that race. 

Britton has never been an athlete to shy away from competition so the decision is not an easy one either. One thing is certain though, we will finally get to see Britton pushed and hopefully that can mean seeing some big records fall as well.