10 Best Races To See #2: Loudoun Valley Chasing 15 Points

Yet again Loudoun Valley is chasing the perfect 15 score at States. Last year they scored 16 and with only three returners it is going to be a tough task to achieve. The Vikings lose their 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 7th finishers from last year but the perfect score is not out of the question yet. 

In fact, based on returning rankings here is what they are slated to score...

1Loudoun Valley (VA) 15
1) Carlos Shultz15:08.101
2) Kellen Hasle15:22.302
3) Taylor Ney15:37.403
4) Mateo Barreto15:38.804
5) Kevin Carlson15:56.905
Average Time: 15:32.70 Total Time: 1:17:43.50 1-5 Split: 48.80
6) Jeremiah Mussmon16:15.509
7) Elliot Petersen16:20.2014

Of course you have to run the race but things are looking good for the Loudoun Valley Vikings. That 15 though is a state record and their 16 is the second best score ever so they are in rarified air. That is why chasing the second perfect score ever is our number two most anticipated race of the year.