7 Storylines, 7 Predictions, & 7 Must See Races This Weekend

7 Must See Races This Weekend 

Here are the seven races you cannot miss from this weekend. Be sure to check them out Saturday as we are planing on having archived footage of all of them! 

7. Monroe Parker Girls Race 

--> This race is going to be fast and a regional preview. Only 30 teams are there but the vast majority of them are NoVa powerhouses which will decide the state meet. Upfront should be Ghiselli chasing a fast time. 

6. Monroe Parker Boys Race

-->Just like the girls' race this one will have deep implications for what to expect later in the year... this race is just a little more exciting with the West Springfield boys running at full strength for the first time this season. 

5. Newport News Varsity A Races

--> With realignment questions all over the place, these two races should answer many of those questions. These races will contain mostly all of Region 5A and 6A's teams meaning it is almost a pre-region preview of what 25% of the state field will look like. 

4. Middle School Race at Pole Green

--> Knights Crossing and S.W. VA are known for great middle school events, central VA though is lacking in that department. That is why we are so excited for the 40% increase in participation this year at the Pole Green Invitational for middle school races. This will be an exciting meet with implications now meaning something for the middle school state meet. 

3. Pole Green Girls Race

-->Rachel Mudd, Bethany Graham, Midlothian, and tons others are going to highlight this race. If weather continues to cooperate this could be a scary fast race with three or even four girls under 18 minutes. 

2. Knights Crossing Girls Race (Kelsey Harrington)

-->Entering the race Sasha Neglia (TN) is the easy favorite but she is not the only star ready to run this weekend. You have the girls from Hidden Valley, Blacksburg, Patriot, Oakton, and of course Jette Davidson and Kelsey Harrington. The one we are most excited to see run will be Kelsey Harrington who already opened her season in a big way last week on a hilly three mile course. 

1. PTXC Girls Race

-->Our most anticipated race of the weekend is the PTXC Girls Race up in Pennsylvania. This race will be fast and a VA girl may not win it but they certainly will be in contention. Three names to watch will be Ava Gordon, Elise Abbe, and Ricky Fetterolf who all look to run a big time this weekend.