LoCo Weekly Roundup: Just The Start

This weekend, Loudoun County schools traveled to multiple meets, Loudoun Valley traveled all the way to Pennsylvania for PTXC, like they have these past few years. Riverside travelled to Woodberry Forest, VA for the Woodberry Forest Invitational. Woodgrove traveled to Stevenson, MD for the Spiked Shoe Invitational. Broad Run raced at the Chancellor Invitational in Fredericksburg, VA. Pole Green XC Classic attracted a few schools, including Freedom, John Champe, and Stone Bridge, but Judges Classic in Winchester brought most of the LoCo schools to their meet including, Dominion, Heritage, Independence, Loudoun County, Park View, Potomac Falls, Rock Ridge, and Tuscarora. Briar Woods did not race this weekend. 

  • Briar Woods High School: did not race

  • Broad Run High School: Ellie Desmond won the girls varsity race with a 34 second lead, and the boys top finisher was Ziyad Hassan who placed 10th with a time of 17:30. 

  • Dominion High School: The titans traveled to Winchester for their second meet of the season, Varsity girls placed 7th, Varsity boys also placed 7th, JV girls placed 3rd, and JV boys placed 1st.In the Girls Varsity race, Ryan Hale placed 16th, with Anusha Jain in 20th.  Amir Aougab, younger brother of Omar Aougab, placed 14th as a freshman, with Ian Whitfield not far behind, in 16th. In the JV girls race, Julie Galie placed 4th, with Abby Low not far behind in 8th, Michelle Flores placed 15th. Aaron Foster placed 3rd, Max Mancuso placed 5th, Jacob Wesoky placed 6th, Tyler Whitfiled placed 12th in the JV boys race.  

  • Freedom High School: not showing up in results but was shown to be at Pole Green on their schedule

  • Heritage High School: Along with many other LoCo schools, the pride ran at Judges Classic in Winchester, VA. The girls Varsity team took 8th, and the boys Varsity team took 10th. Ali Sherman was the top finisher in the Varsity race, placing 10th. Ryan Pendergast, a junior, placed 3rd with a time of 17:07. The girls JV team placed 7th while the boys JV team placed 3rd. Top finishers in the girls JV race were Hailey Nash (6) and Madelyn Scassa (21). Top finishers in the boys JV race were Troy Ellis (7) and Nicholas Danilowicz (17). 

  • Independence High School: Independence had their first ever cross country meet in the books at the Judges Classic. The girls Varsity took 12th while the boys varsity team took 9th. Charles Blundell placed 9th in the boys Varsity race with a time of 17:34.

  • John Champe High School: The knights travelled to Mechanicsville, VA for the Pole Green XC Meet, and it's no surprise that Bethany Graham won the girls championship race with a time of 17:39, second place being over a minute behind. She helped lead the team to a second place finish for the girls championships race. The first finisher on the boys side was Gregory Dalla, who placed 23rd with a time of 16:55. The boys team finished 10th as a team in the championship race. 

  • Loudoun County High School: The raiders ran at Judges Classic, with the girls Varsity team finishing 9th and the boys Varsity team finishing 3rd. Lexie Vandeloo was the top girls finisher, placing 21st. Sean Rombach (10) and Jason Sangiuliano (18) helped lead the team to their 3rd place finish. The girls JV team finished in 4th place, with the top runner placing 11th, Bella Sangiuliano. The boys JV team placed 9th. 

  • Loudoun Valley High School: The lady vikings pulled off a win, with Ava Gordon making her debut as a viking, placing 3rd, with her teammate, Ricky Fetterolf in 4th. Ally Talley placed 13th. Another transfer, Maddie Smith (Millbrook) made her debut as a viking and placed 15th. All 4 of these girls were under 20:05. The boys team pulled off another consecutive win, the top 6 placed in the top 15: Taylor Ney in 3rd, with Carlos Shultx in 4th, Kellen Hassle in 5th, Kevin Carlson in 6th, Mateo Barreto in 9th, and Jeremiah Mussmon in 11th, all under 16:30. Along with the two gold race wins, Valley also won the girls and boys blue races along with girls and boys JV races. 

  • Park View High School: The patriots made their season debut at Judges Classic in Winchester, VA. Varsity girls placed 6th, JV boys placed 8th. Naomi Utgaard, a junior placed 1st in JV girls, and John Monseur, a senior, placed 8th in JV boys. 

  • Potomac Falls High School: The panthers girls Varsity team placed 5th, with Izi Belogay being the top finisher, placing 3rd with her teammate, Hayley Eck, not far behind, finishing in 6th. The boys Varsity team took 8th, their top runner placing 5th: Anthony Panagides. Teammate,  Kyle Habibelahy, placed 15th. The girls JV team placed 10th, and the boys JV team placed 6th. 

  • Riverside High School: The Woodberry Forest Cross Country Invitational held the ram's successful season opener. Both the boys and girls teams took home 1st place in the Varsity races. Seniors Joseph O'Such (2), Theodore Williamson (3), Christian Sporre (5), Griffin Barley (7) led the team to their victory. On the girl's side, Courtney Maynard placed 3rd, Chloe Ramirex placed 8th, and Rachel Fuller placed 10th. 

  • Rock Ridge High School: At Judges Classic, the Varsity team placed 4th for the girls, and the Varsity boys placed 2nd. Senior, Taylor Semon, finished in 5th, teammate, Emmalee Ayala placed 8th. On the boys side, senior Ronan Stone placed 1st, with two teammates: Johnathan Cobb (11) and William Hagenlocke (12) also in the top 15. 

  • Stone Bridge High School: The bulldogs raced at Pole Green XC Classic this past weekend, their girls team placing 3rd with the boys team placing 3rd. The girls top finisher was Suzie Muller, who placed 10th, with her teammate, Lauren Petranek not far behind, placing 15th. Tristan Brodie, a senior who placed 5th with a time of 16:06 was Stone Bridge's top finisher. George Alexander placed 14th. 

  • Tuscarora High School: Tuscarora had a successful weekend at Judges Classic: the girls Varsity team placed 3rd. Katie West placed 7th while her teammate, Sadie Dillard, placed 9th. The girls JV team finished in 1st, top finisher placing 2nd, Gracie Smith. Kendall Stimart placed 7th, Emma Aldrain finished in 13th. The boys JV team placed 5th, Dalton Krossman taking 1st place and Nathaniel Arce in 14th. 

  • Woodgrove High School:  The wolverines raced at the Spiked Shoe Invitational this past weekend, being the only Loudoun County team there. The team did not have any runners in varsity but they had success in the JV races. The girls took home the win in the JV race with the top 3, Layna Capritta (1), Ashley Moriarty (2), and Megan Wauer (3). The JV boys took 4th, Brendan Szabo being the top finisher for the team, took 5th. Zach Mezeska placed 15th.