Shultz & Graham Take Over VA No. 1 Spot at Great American

Two of the biggest performances this weekend down in Cary, North Caroline at Great American were the two new state leading performances by Bethany Graham and Carlos Shultz. Their performances were 17:09 and 14:55 in the Race of Champions. 

Up first was the boys' race of Champions which featured three guys under 15 minutes and quite the team battle too. Carlos was the first team scorer and second overall. His team ultimately scored 108 points to take home the silver medal. 

The next scoring VA team was Western Albemarle in 6th followed by Oakton, West Springfield, and Albemarle to fill out the top 20. 

The girls race was next featuring national champion Katelyn Tuohy. This allowed the rest of the field to chase a PR and run their own race. That is exactly what John Champe senior Bethany Graham did as she crossed the line in 3rd place. That time however was a PR and a new VA No. 1 performance. 

The second VA girl was Ricky Fetterolf of Loudoun Valley who finished 9th in 17:53. Freshman Alli Crytser finished 12th to also break 18 with her 17:57 performance. Finishing out the top 20 for Virginia was Jette Davidson and MC Heinen in 15th and 16th place. 

Loudoun Valley took home the silver in the girls team competition as well with Blacksburg in 10th, Midlothian in 12th, W.T. Woodson in 18th, John Champe in 22nd, and Ocean Lakes in 23rd.