Jack Eliason, A Star You Should Not Overlook

For quite some time Jack Eliason has been a strong runner and one of the biggest names in Class 3. This weekend though, Jack had the race of his life down in Cary, NC. 

Jack Eliason, a senior at Western Albemarle, has and continues to be one of the best team players there is in our sport. In fact, the entire Western team for the past three years has focused on their team and getting better year after year. Jack though has especially embodied that team first mantra with his rivalry with teammate Joe Hawkes

Joe Hawkes, who is the defending Class 3 state champion, is no slouch. He owns a personal best of 15:28 and has been almost unbeatable these past two years. He really has become an immovable force in Class 3. 

Imagine being teammates with someone that good. Yes, it is great but also it is difficult as you never get a chance to shine and be your team's number one. Most people would either be frustrated by that or complacent. Jack though has handled it much different. He decided years ago he was going to be the best he could be and was going to push himself, his team, and Joe to even higher heights. 

That in turn has been exactly what he has done and both him, Joe, and his entire team couldn't be happier with where everyone is right now. 

Jack is an integral part of Western Albemarle's dominance these past few years both by his own talent and team mentality. This weekend's race was a much deserved PR of 15:05 to now rank second in the entire state. His time is also the second fastest ever for his school now only behind Gannon Willcutts. 

He will definitely have some more confidence heading into States this year but regardless of who wins you can bet that both Western boys are going to work together and focus on the team first.