Class 1 Boys XC State Meet Preview (10/8 Edition)

We are just over six weeks away from the 2019 State Cross Country Champions, this year to be held in Salem at Green Hill Park. This course change should alleviate some travel for the Class 1 schools who are centralized in SWVA. The course is also much quicker than the Great Meadow course.

Who those changes are going to benefit the most though is the biggest question. Both the team favorites and individual favorites are from basically the same area of the state and thus equal out any perceived benefit from location changes. That means the real question will be who benefits the most from the flat course rather than hills.

The simple answer right now seems to be Parry McCluer and Dylan May. They have ran quite a bit on fast courses and run well too. Of course though they are searching for that first big title and thus underdogs while also being favorites.

Some people who are favorites and also underdogs are Auburn who have won more XC team titles than anyone else in recent history and defending champion Jordan Keith of Holston.  

Current Class 1 Rankings:

1 15:57.70 2020 
2 16:43.48 2020 
3 16:47.10 2020 
4 16:52.00 2020 
5 16:56.52 2021 

All five of these guys have a good shot at winning States. Remember though that not everyone runs 5K's every weekend and that some of these guys are running straight uphill for three miles. We will know much more after regionals but right now the two guys to watch are Dylan May and Jordan Keith. 

Virtual Team Scores (10/8):

1Parry McCluer461+2+8+13+22 (37+55)2:06.1917:11.66
2George Wythe (Wytheville)655+7+11+14+28 (39+41)1:09.1017:40.26
3Auburn663+9+16+18+20 (23+25)1:15.6017:39.04
4Galileo High School816+10+12+24+29 (34+38)1:05.1017:50.59
5Altavista Combined School15719+26+27+42+43 (44+47)1:39.2818:46.00
6Mathews16715+30+32+40+50 (51+56)2:36.0018:54.42
7Riverheads1694+21+35+49+60 (68+76)4:18.1319:00.74
8Castlewood19017+31+33+48+61 (70+74)3:19.6019:17.42
9Northwood27636+52+57+65+66 (78+81)3:25.4020:54.58
10West Point29753+54+59+64+67 (69+73)1:40.2021:21.42
11Rural Retreat32046+62+63+72+77 (79+80)3:26.6021:47.58
12Washington & Lee High School33145+58+71+75+82 (83+84)4:20.3022:13.98