Richmond Area Teams' Weekly Recap

Richmond Area Recap: October 12-13

Two principal races happened this weekend - Albemarle and CNU - with L.C. Bird attending Glory Days as well. Maggie Walker was dominant, and we saw impressive induvial efforts out of Burcham, Plummer, and Heinen.

Albemarle Invitational:

Predicted to be one of the more competitive meets in Virginia, the Albemarle Invitational did not disappoint.  We saw the meet record broken on both sides, and personal bests abounded.

Deep Run continued its hot streak, placing fifth in a stacked field (1-4: Loudoun Valley, Albemarle, Western Albemarle, Oakton).  Leading the boys' team was senior Colby Burcham in fifth, with a personal record of 15:33 flat.  He was followed up by sophomore Michael Tull and senior Jordan Bendura.

Deep Run's girls placed 11th behind seniors Eva Brooks (20:20) and Paula Preda (20:24) in 27th and 30th place.

Glen Allen proved once again that they run as a team.  Their #1 (sophomore Ben Hagerich) was only as high as 28th, but their #5 (Jakob Larsen) was all the way up at 64th, and that spread was condensed enough for an overall finish of sixth place, just behind Deep Run.  They may lack the firepower of other schools, but their high team places are a testament to the hard work and determination of the squad.

If that isn't enough to convince you of the quality culture within Glen Allen, look no further than their fifth-place girls' finish.  The girls were led by senior Sasha Abielmona (20:10) and sophomore Megan Cash (20:22) in 23rd and 29th, respectively. 

Glen Allen's fifth- and sixth-place finishes gave them the best average finish among Richmond area teams in the Albemarle invitational. 

Chase Woodhouse 

Other:  Rachel Mudd (Atlee); 15th, 19:45.

CNU High School XC Invitational: 

This was a smaller meet but was nonetheless thoroughly dominated by Maggie Walker on both sides.  Maggie Walker scored a mere 44 points - between both the boys and the girls.  Leading the way for the boys was senior Ben Neuwirth (16:23) in first.  He was followed by senior teammate Carter Morgan (16:38) in second.  Maggie Walker also claimed fourth, eighth, 12th, 14th, and 18th place.

On the girls' side, senior Mary Caroline Heinen demolished the competition by six seconds shy of two minutes (18:18), making her the only girl to register a Elite Performance at this meet.  It also happened to be a Gold Standard performance.  Heinen was followed by freshman teammates Brenna Luczak (20:14) and Grace Pershing (20:19) in second and third place.  Maggie Walker also tallied finishes in places five, six, nine, and 17. 

J. R. Tucker's girls finished second place, led by senior Eloise de Landevoisin (20:50) in seventh place and junior Kiersten Witte (21:15) in 11th.  J. R. Tucker also accounted for places 13 and 14.

Other:  Mason White (Manchester); 17th, 17:47.

Glory Days Grill Invitational: 

L. C. Bird's boys put up a strong showing at the Glory Days Invite on Saturday.  The team finished third overall and was led by junior standout and current 5A leader Jacob Plummer (15:52) in fourth place.  Fellow junior Luke Affolder (16:42) was second on the team, finishing in 26th place, and was followed by sophomore teammate El-Amir Hanafi (16:55) in 26th.