What Coaches Say To Their Team Right Before The State Race

States is just a few days away and that got us thinking to the start before the races. All the teams getting that one last huddle in and coaches giving their last piece of advice or a pep talk or just cracking a joke. Here we feature some of the best coaches in VA and what their message is to their team just before the state meet race starts. Here is the last thing they say before the gun goes off. 

"Treat today like any other meet.  You don't need to be a superhero today, you just need to go out there and race as you always do - first be smart, then have guts, and cross the finish line proud of the fact that you gave everything of yourselves on the course and for your team."

"We usually say a short prayer; then I just remind them, get out hard and then settle in; you have to run the first 2/3 of the race with you head and the last 1/3 with your HEART!- the State Meet is won or lost inside the gate- Be Smart and Never Quit, Never, Never Quit"

"Sweats off"....."Let's do our pre-race breathing"...."Good luck guys/girls".  I will stick in a "Control your emotions" "I have been know to crack a joke to cut the tension if it is too thick. "

"For the most part, I try to remind them of why we are here and to work on mental relaxation.  Staying clear minded is the most important thing.  Enjoy the experience."