Man of His Word, WS Coach Gets Tattoo After State Team Title

West Springfield Coach, Chris Pellegrini, is not only a great coach and the current president of the Virginia Track Coaches Association but he is also a man of his word. 

"I've been telling my athletes for years that if we ever won a team championship, I'd get a tattoo."

This tattoo represents both West Springfield's 2018 girls XC team title and this years boys XC team title which are both his first as the head coach. They also both won those titles in Class 6 against some of the best competition in the state of Virginia so they definitely had to earn it. 

Even cooler is the fact that the tattoo was designed by Sam Pritchard, one of West Springfield's top runners too. 

"I got the main tattoo last year when the girls won, with a G 18 to commemorate the year. This year the boys caused me to add the B 19... It took 18 years to get that first win, so definitely surprising to get a second win only a year later."

Coach Pellegrini is apparently ready for more, the big question though is will he have to get a new designed one if they win a track title instead of the XC arrow.