Grant Holloway Wins Bowerman Award, VA's Second

Grassfield alum, Grant Holloway won the Bowerman Award Thursday evening. This award is equivalent to the Heisman in college football and the highest award an athlete can win in the NCAA ranks. He was a three time finalist for this award and finally won it this year after another huge year at Florida. 

He is the award's 11th winner on the boys side and joins fellow Virginian Queen Harrison (Hermitage-Virginia Tech) as one of only two VA athletes to win this prestigious award. 

This award only takes into account what an athlete does during their NCAA year of competition but in that year Grant was still able to win four NCAA titles, set three NCAA records, and also excelled in the Long jump and 4x4. He scored a monstrous 42 points at the NCAA meets. 

He followed his NCAA career up with a world title in the 110mH this summer representing the United States as a professional athlete for Adidas.