Cancelled & Postponed Meet Central

Amid the widespread concern of the Coronavirus many meets are either cancelling or being postponed. Here is a central location for all meets to let us know so that we can spread the word. Please either comment below about your meet(s) or email Nolan Jez at 

The biggest news as of late is that the VHSL delayed the start of the spring athletics season until March 30th meaning no meets, sanctioned by the VHSL, can happen prior to that date. April 4th will be the first Saturday with sanctioned competition. Spring break begins April 6th for most of the state meaning there is a strong chance all competition is cancelled or postponed until April 18th. 

Meets Cancelled or Postponed 

MeetDateCancelled/New Date/Info
Conn Madden Relays3/27Postponed 
CNU Captain's Classic High (HS)3/27Cancelled 
Highland Springs Relay3/28Cancelled 
Colgan Track Classic 4/24Cancelled
Leslie Sherman/Carolyn Legard Relays5/15-16Combined 

Cities & Counties Activity/School Restrictions 

MunicipalityCurrent RestrictionsLast Updated
VHSLSpring Season Starting March 30th3/14/20
Loudoun CountySchools Closed Until March 20th3/14/20
Fairfax CountyAll Activities Cancelled Until April 12th3/13/20
Chesterfield CountySchools Closed Until March 27th3/14/20
Henrico CountySchools Closed Until March 27th3/12/20
Virginia Beach CitySchools Closed Until March 27th3/13/20
Norfolk CitySchools Closed Until March 27th3/13/20