MileState Content & Coverage Plan For Next 3 Weeks

It is crazy how much things have changed in just a week but these changes and necessary actions are hopefully going to be good in the long term. There is a ton of uncertainty out there and we are right there with you. One thing though isn't going to change... that is MileStat's coverage of our sport and producing content on a daily basis. 

Here you can see our content and coverage plan for the next three weeks. Some changes will be made obviously as big news comes in but here is our basic plan these next few weeks. If you have any suggestions feel free to email them to Nolan Jez at 

Week 1 (Thursday 19th - 25th)

Indoor Track Awards, 1st/2nd/3rd Team All-State Announcement, Multi-Sport Star Feature #1, Feature on Battlefield's Pole Vaulters, Pulling Back The Curtain Feature #1, March Madness Introduction, LIVE Replay of Class 5/6 States, Photos From Indoor Season, Officials Corner Feature (Returning), Ask MileStat Monday (Returning), Round 1 of March Madness, Multi-Sport Star Feature #2, Coaches Corner Feature #1, Top Outdoors Returning Rankings, Indoor State Class Records, Elite Athlete Profile Feature, Outdoor State Class Records 

Week 2 (Thursday 26th - April 1st)

Outdoor Returners Rankings, Outdoor All-Time List, Round 2 of March Madness, VA Showcase LIVE Reply, Pulling Back The Curtain Feature #2, Race Breakdown #1, Race Breakdown #2, Update on Closures & Cancellations, Coaches Corner #2, Ask MileStat Monday, Officials Corner, March Madness Round 3

Week 3 (Thursday April 2nd - April 9th) 

March Madness Round Final Four, Coaches Corner #3, Athlete Update, Ask MileStat Monday, Officials Corner, March Madness Finals, Pulling Back The Curtain Feature #3, Race Breakdown #3, Class 3/4 States LIVE Replay, Class 1/2 States LIVE Replay