Multi-Sport Star: Micayah Holland

In this downtime of no track meets we are going to try and feature some athletes or aspects of athletes that many might not know. In this particular feature we are featuring multi-sport stars. Our first of this series is Princess Anne's Micayah Holland. 

Micayah Holland is a two-time state champion in the 55m dash and is only a freshman. She was the 2019 state champion for VISAA as an 8th grader and the 2020 champion in Class 5. Her personal best of  7.03 ranks second in the entire country for freshmen this year. 

She is quickly, pun intended, becoming one of the fastest sprinters in the country and ready to move up VA's all-time list. She is an athlete focused on peaking at the right time and also a true competition who PR's against the best competition. 

What many people do no know though is that Micayah is also a multi-sport star and indoors she splits her time between these two sports. Picture that, being US #2 and not even focusing on it full-time. Her second sport, or first sport as she considers it currently, is basketball. 

For those that don't know, Princess Anne girls basketball is like Western Branch for the hurdles. They are a dynasty and continually dominate the state. Again this year they won a record 6th consecutive state title. On top of that, every one of their graduating seniors has a D1 scholarship offer. 

She is arguably one of the best multi-sport athletes in the state but also just one of many. If you know any other big name athletes who also compete at high level in a different sport send us an email at