RESULTS: MileStat March Madness' Final Is Set!

After 32 all-time greats, we are now down to just two athletes fighting for the right to call themselves the greatest in VA history. The two finalists are Brandee' Johnson (Nansemond River -2016) and Britton Wilson (Mills Godwin - 2019). 

Voting is open Sunday morning until Sunday evening the following Sunday. People can vote as many times as they want! For more information on the scoring click here

To arrive here Britton Wilson had to take down Sarah Bowman, Rachel McArthur, Felecia Majors, and most recently the #1 seed Grant Holloway. On the other side of the bracket Brandee' took down Mustaqeem Williams, Lashawn Merritt, Drew Hunter, and Alan Webb. Brandee' has led the scoring in every single round. 

Check out the voting results below from the Final Four.