New Balance Nationals To Allow All-Star Relays!

National Scholastic, the non-profit organization that hosts New Balance Nationals announced today (4/28) that they will allow All-Star relay teams to compete in the 2020 New Balance Outdoor Nationals. This is a change from their previous meet information. 

These relay teams will compete in a separate competition meaning relay teams could compete in the normal divisions (Emerging Elite or Championships) or the All-Star division. More information is available about the differences and schedule on their meet page. 

NSAF Meet Page & Information 

Allowing all-star relay teams is a move to give more athletes the chance to compete at NBNO. With widespread lockdowns there are many schools and teams that unable to compete this outdoor season as a unit and in some states they cannot even practice as a team out of season. That is likely why NSAF is moving in this direction to not alter the entire meet but to allow another avenue for club athletes to compete. There are quite a few stipulations and rules so please cite the meet page.