It's Almost States Week: Here Is Our Coverage Plan

Watch the 4x8 From Class 5 last year right here. 

States week may not be happening the way we originally had hoped but even COVID-19 can't stop us from celebrating that it is finally states week. Here is our coverage plan for the entire week. 

Saturday May 30th 

  • Live Replay (on MileSplit 24/7) of VHSL Class 5/6 States 

Sunday May 31st 

  • 2019 Boys State Meet Results Merge
  • 2019 Girls State Meet Results Merge 
  • 10 Untouchable State Meet Records 

Monday June 1st

  • 19 Best Moments From 2019 States 
  • 20 Athletes Who Would've Won A State Title 
  • Athlete Feature #1

Tuesday June 2nd

  • Race Breakdown #1 From 2019 States 
  • Our State Meet Team Predictions For 2020
  • Should We Change The Scoring For Relays? 

Wednesday June 3rd

  • The Greatest Freshman Of All-Time 
  • Freshman Who Could've Won A State Title 
  • Class 1/2 Replay

Thursday June 4th 

  • Race Breakdown #2 From 2019 States 
  • What If States Were All Held At One Location 
  • Which Team(s) Could Win States In A Larger Classification? 
  • Class 3/4 Replay

Friday June 5th

  • Race Breakdown #3 From 2019 States 
  • Athlete Feature #2
  • Race Breakdown #4 From 2019 States 
  • MileStat's Top 10 Favorite Outdoor State Meet Moments

Saturday June 6th 

  • The Unseen Things At States
  • State Meet Entries Released (If coaches enter)
  • State Meet Virtual Meet (If coaches enter) 

Sunday June 7th

  • 10 Biggest Storylines From State Meet Weekend (Fiction)
  • Top Returning Girls For 2021 Ranked
  • Top Returning Boys For 2021 Ranked