Which Teams Could Win A Title In A Larger Class?

We are at a very interesting place in the process of the reclassification of schools from AAA (back in 2013) to the six classifications we currently have based solely on enrollment size. We are at the point where no one currently competed in the old AAA/AA/A system nor did their teammates (the last year for that would have been 2019). Basically we are in a hole new environment where this is the new normal. 

With some time to spare and look around though we started thinking about who could win if things were changed. More so, who could win in a larger classification. 

Here we list the teams that could win, we do not however fill their void with a new team otherwise there would be about 50 teams that could move up if the team winning suddenly left. 

Team That Could Seriously Win In A Bigger Classification: 

Loudoun Valley Boys (Class 4->5 or Class 4->6)

The one team that could not only win in one classification above their own but potentially two classifications above their own is Loudoun Valley. Their distance points are bar-none. Now if they moved up to Class 6 they would definitely have some trouble and would need about every single point possible but it could be done. Class 5 would be a cake walk for them this year with that type of depth in the distance events. 

Our best bet is they would have won Class 6 states this year had they been in it. 

Heritage-Lynchburg (Class 3->4)

Coming with a different attack are the girls from Heritage. They specialize, and by specialize we mean absolutely dominate, the jumps. They also bring some serious fire-power in the sprints and hurdles which would garner them some points. If they were to move up to Class 4 though those points would be watered down some but their depth and skill up top would carry them over the top. 

Loudoun Valley Girls (Class 4->5)

It is odd that the team who won states could lose states to Heritage but also move up in classification to win again. That is because Loudoun Valley scored most of their points by star athletes in the distance events. Those stars running fast enough to score in basically any other classification as well and this year Class 5 just had a couple girls at the top so these Vikings could very well have won the Class 5 title if the pieces fell correctly. 

Parry McCluer Boys (Class 1->2) 

Parry McCluer is in the same boat as the Loudoun Valley girls. They don't have a ton of pieces but they certainly have some strong ones. Parry McCluer could move up to Class 2 and in our opinion would be able to take home the state title. 

L.C. Bird (Class 5->6)

This may be our boldest take but we also think the Skyhawks of L.C. Bird could sneak out a victory. Last year would have been their year to do it but this year with Plummer and Ward it could have been done. Both would have needed perfect meets but when you tally up the points you see it would actually be very close.