Could Weini Make The USA Olympic Team?

Weini Kelati, the second girl from VA to win Foot Locker nationals in high school could be looking to make her first Olympic team next year. The Eritrean native may be looking to compete for Team USA in Tokyo and the question is, could she make the team? 

First off you need to know some of her accolades. She won numerous state titles in VA, holds the second fastest 5K time in XC in VA history, was a five-time national champion and also broke the 5K national record indoors her final year. Since then she has tallied up a pair of NCAA titles (10K and 6K-XC). 

Her personal bests are 15:14 for 5K and 32:41 for 10K. 

Though the 10K is definitely her better event, it looks like right now she may do better in the 5K at USA's. Below you can check out the results to see where those times would fall. 

1st Place3rd Place
2016 5K15:0515:10
2016 10K31:4231:54
2012 5K15:1315:19
2012 10K31:5831:59
2008 5K15:0115:02
2008 10K31:3431:43