56% Of VA Teams Say They're Running XC This Fall

MileStat recently put out a survey for all teams to fill out with regards to their plans this fall for XC. Though we did not hear from every team across the state we did receive enough results to get some percentages of respondents. 

Here are the results:

44% of teams plan on NOT having any XC season this fall. 

26% of teams plan on running XC as a club team this fall. 

18% of teams plan on running XC as unattached individuals this fall. 

13% of teams plan on running XC as a high school team this fall. 

Interestingly enough these results fall in-line with how many VISAA schools there are compared to VHSL schools which leads us to believe the results are going to be fairly accurate where the majority of teams have at least some runners who run this fall while most full teams do not compete.