State Champ Martingayle Helping Start Female Sports Platform

Former State Champion, Doria Martingayle (formerly at Princess Anne and now at UVA) is using her position as a powerful female student-athlete to strengthen female voices and provide athletes some avenues she did not receive herself. 

How she is doing this is by interning and working with Voice in Sport, VIS. This platform is the first to merge mentorship, community, and advocacy, exclusively for female athletes, aged 12-22. It currently has over 90 professional, Olympic and NCAA women athletes as a part of the network including big track names like Mary Cain. 

VIS focuses on more than just the competition side of things and tackles sport psychology, nutrition, media, and sports science. Doria will be creating content and engaging individuals with important aspects of mental health, body, and nutrition. 

She is also joined by another VA state champion, Libby Davidson. Both are looking to highlight the power females can have in athletes when they highlight each other and raise their voices. VIS is looking to connect, strengthen and amplify their voices and the community as a whole. 

"I love working with Voice in Sport as we build up to our launch because it has shown me the power that females can have in athletics when we highlight each other and raise our voices. Female athletes have to fight so much harder for recognition in athletics, so VIS is working to build both a community that connects us and strengthens our voice. I think it can help female athletes who are looking to get more guidance on anything from nutrition to training and sports psychology while also connecting them with professional and collegiate athletes in their sport through mentorship." - Doria Martingayle

More Information on VIS:

VIS is a free membership-based Platform. Each newVIS member athlete becomes aVIS Advocatewith the ability to create her own customized page. She will have exclusive access to:

  • 1-on-1 or group mentorship from the 90+VIS Leagueteam members

  • Exclusive content from VIS Creatorsand VIS Expertsat her fingertips, arming her with better knowledge about her mind and body

  • Tools on how to advocate and champion the voice of female athletes to change the narrative for girls and women in sport

VIS will extend beyond the Platform ( through Instagram (@voiceinsport), TikTok (@voiceinsport), and Snapchat. TheVoice in Sport Podcast launched in May 2020 will continue to explore the journey of female athletes by sharing untold stories on topics like mental health, body image, sexual orientation, and female-specific sports science and nutrition. TheVoice in Sport Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Non-Profit focused on accelerating research on the female body and gaps in public middle school, high school and college girls athletic programs.