Indoor States To Be One Day Only

Committees are still meeting and there are many questions to be answered but some details are making their way out about what indoor track will look like. One of the biggest takeaways was that states will now be one day per classification. 

Class 1/2 States (combined): No details yet if this meet would be changed much since it is one division and already very small. 

Class 3/4 States: Still at Liberty University on a Monday/Tuesday with one classification being entirely on Monday and the other being on Tuesday. 

Class 5/6 States: At Virginia Beach's new facility and similarly to Class 3/4 will feature one classification per day. 

States will not have state meet standards. Athletes can make it to states only by finishing first, second or third at regionals. That means there will be 12 entries in every event or roughly two sections of each event. 

Qualifying into regional meets has not been decided yet and will be a region-by-region decision.