XC States Might Need A New Venue This Spring...

There is some bad news for those who are fans of running at Great Meadow for the state meet. Due to a scheduling issue it looks like XC states will need a different venue for the May XC State meet this year. 

First we should take a step back and frame why XC states is happening in May this year. In summer, the VHSL unanimously decided to adopt the condensed schedule plan that now sees indoor track first December-February, followed by fall sports (XC) from March until May, and then followed by spring sports (outdoor track) running from late April until late June. This means XC states will be at the start of May this year. 

That time frame puts XC states against the Gold Cup (horse competition) at Great Meadow, which is a horse park. The Gold Cup is annually one of the largest and most profitable events for GM. That means there is absolutely no way (in our opinion) the grounds crew would let an XC meet happen prior to their event. 

Great Meadow hosted XC states for the entire state from 1994 until 2019 when Class 1/2/3 moved to Green Hill Park in Salem. 

The VHSL is exploring multiple options so this story will be followed up when potential venues are selected or discussed. The biggest item needed will be the ability to capture gate revenue (ticket sales) and not just paid parking. 

Venues that could potentially hold states based on that criteria: Oatlands, Pocahontas, Bell's Mill Park, Panorama Farms, Kernstown Battlefield, and a few others.