VOTE: Should VA Alumni Be Judged On Post-High School Times?

Libby Davidson is hands down one of the greatest VA athletes all-time

Today is election day and that means some tough questions, mainly this one right here.

Our sixth and final poll of election week is the toughest one yet. You can vote on this until 7:00pm Election Day. 

This final question seeks to see how past VA greats can be judged as it relates to consideration of ranking them all-time. What this means is when we are ranking VA's greatest XC runners all-time should we include performances that were after high school in deciding the rankings? 

Think of it this way. Purely from a time stand point Aurora Scott is the greatest 5K runner and then only two VA runners have won Foot Locker titles but many have gone on to much higher levels and fast times. So it ultimately comes down to opinion on what should be counted and what should not.