The State Of Things As VHSL Season Begins

The VHSL's sanctioned indoor season has begun. So far there has been two dual meets, both with Fairfax county schools. A few more are scheduled for today, December 30th in Prince William. As the season starts though, here is where things currently stand. 

When Is The VHSL Season?

12/28 - First Competition (First day for a sanctioned meet to take place)

2/6 - Region Start (First day to contest a regional championship) 

2/20 - Region Deadline (Last day to contest a regional championship)

3/1-3 - State Championships (Three locations)

Who Isn't Currently Competing?

So far, 23 school divisions totaling 40 schools have announced they will not contest winter sports this school year. An additional 115 schools are currently delaying the start of the indoor season. That means over half of the state right now is not competing or does not have plans to immediately start competing soon. 

Though there is no technical cutoff date, we are getting close to a point where things get logistically complicated if a school were to begin practices and meets soon without any practice or plans. 

The VHSL is requiring a minimum of eight practices prior to the first competition meaning roughly two weeks. 

States, What Is The Plan There? 

The current plan is to move forward with states in early March, late February. The top three finishers from each region would advance to the state meet and there are no state meet standards. 

Invitationals, Will There Be Any? 

The VHSL is not sanctioning any invitationals that are more than three teams or more than a district or county. What that means is, if an invitational is not just your district, not just your county, or more than three teams it is either incorrectly sanctioned or it is a club sanctioned event. 

There are numerous club sanctioned invitationals this year, which any athlete can compete in, but none so far where an athlete can compete for their school in.