Coaches: How To Submit XC Results To MileStat

Follow these easy steps to ensure your meet results get added to the database and rankings. 

Steps For Posting Results Correctly

  1. 1. Run the meet, make sure the distance is marked correctly (5K, 3 Mile, 2.98M, 4K...etc)
  2. 2. Email Nolan Jez ( or with the results 
  3. 3. Make sure the results are either in a flat HTML or .text format (NO EXCEL or PDF)
  4. 4. Follow up with MileStat IF results are not posted within 24 hours of sending those results
  5. 5. IF there are changes, email the new files to MileStat. 

The biggest issue we (MileStat) see are results in a different format. We know there are many different timing softwares and we work to make sure that every performance can get in but there are some formats that just don't work. 

To get around that we suggest using Hytek or Meet Pro if you have a timer with those OR using RaceTab (FREE) if you are hand-typing the results. The coolest feature with RaceTab is that you can download the rosters for the teams attending and it auto-completes the name and team when typing. Thus, it helps there be less spelling errors and takes an hour task down to 10 minutes. 

Experienced timers and coaches can continue to post results to the meet pages but we still prefer to receive them via email as well. That way we can email the coach/timer/meet director that day to let them know the format is off.