Longest State Meet Streaks Updated!

Here are the updated boys, girls, and school records for longest consecutive trips to the state XC championships. 

Atop this list is just one team, that team is the Blacksburg girls' team who have made it to the state meet 40 years in a row or in percentage terms, 100%. They have made every single state meet since the first girls state XC meet in 1980, at Piedmont College. Their team is the only one to have an active streak spanning multiple courses. Their streak includes Piedmont, Virginia Tech, Great Meadow, and Oatlands. 

On the boys' side the current leader is Radford who just had their 19th consecutive trip to the state meet this past week. 

Combined there are three teams with very impressive streaks as schools as well. Blacksburg has made every state meet since 2006 for both boys and girls and Mathews has since 2007. 

Thru every XC state meet in the current six class system Blacksburg, Western Albemarle, Maggie Walker, and Mathews have made the state meet for both teams in the same year. 

Here are the current lists for boys and girls teams. 

Girls Top 9 Longest Streaks: 

9. Grafton (11 Years)

7. Mathews & West Springfield (12 Years)

6. Ocean Lakes (14 Years)

4. Midlothian (18 Years)

3. Maggie Walker (19 Years)

-->Longest AAA Former School Streak

2. Jefferson Forest (26 Years)

-->Have made it to every XC states at Great Meadow

1. Blacksburg (40 Years)

--> Have made it every year girls XC has been contested

*Not making it this year was Radford who had previously made 17 state meets in a row. 

Girls Longest Streaks By Current Classification

Longest Class 6 Streak: Ocean Lakes (16 Years)

Longest Class 5 Streak:  Albemarle (9 Years) 

Longest Class 4 Streak: Blacksburg (40 Years)

Longest Class 3 Streak: Maggie Walker (19 Years)

Longest Class 2 Streak: Bruton (8 Years)

Longest Class 1 Streak: Mathews (12 Years)

Boys Top 7 Longest Streaks: 

7. Western Albemarle (11 Years)

5. Lafayette (12 Years)

4. Mathews (14 Years)

3. Blacksburg (15 Years)

2. Jamestown (17 Years)

1. Radford (19 Years)

Boys Longest Streaks By Current Classification:

Longest Class 6 Streak: Patriot/W.T. Woodson (7 Years)

Longest Class 5 Streak: Glen Allen (9 Years)

Longest Class 4 Streak: Jamestown (17 Years)

Longest Class 3 Streak: Western Albemarle (11 Years)

Longest Class 2 Streak: Radford (19 Years)

Longest Class 1 Streak: Mathews (14 Years)

Girls teams making it to every state championship during the six classification era (14): Ocean Lakes, West Springfield, Princess Anne, Albemarle, Grafton, Midlothian, Loudoun Valley, Blacksburg, Jefferson Forest, Tabb, Western Albemarle, Maggie Walker, Mathews, and Auburn. 

Boys teams making it to every state championships during the six classification era (12): Glen Allen, Grafton, Jamestown, Lafayette, Loudoun Valley, Blacksburg, Tabb, Western Albemarle, Maggie Walker, Radford, Mathews, and Auburn. 

Copy & Paste Year: In 2017 and 2018 the exact same 12 boys teams made the state meet for one classification, this was the only year that we found this to have happened.