Roberts and Sorrell coming to Southern Track

RICHMOND, VA -- As the entries for the Southern Track Classic are coming to a close this weekend with the deadline coming up on Sunday, this year\'s edition of the meet looks to be one of the deepest meets ever. With 134 teams and over 650 athletes entered and vying to get their athletes and relays accepted into the meet, meet management has a tough job ahead of itself in cutting down to the elite finals only meet that the Southern Track Classic produces year in and year out with the state\'s best and sprinkle of national caliber athletes. The boys one mile run is shaping up to be the race of the meet with two of the top three finishers in the Arcadia mile coming in to compete. Colorado\'s Daniel Roberts (4:10 at Arcadia) and Tennessee\'s Rob Sorrell (3rd, 4:13 at Arcadia) will pair off once against along with some of Virginia\'s best milers in All-American Brad Siragusa (4:15 PR) of Chantilly and AAA state champion Alex Bowman of Hermitage (4:16 PR). Who else will be joining them and the rest of the Southern Track field on May 12th in Richmond?