VISAA Boys State Championship Virtual Meet

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Saint Christopher's enters the weekend as heavy favorites for the title. FUMA and Collegiate will likely battle it out for second but don't count out some of those other schools as many different things can happen at the state meet. 

Boys Virtual Team Scores

1Saint Christopher`s149.25
2Fork Union78.5
4St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School43
5Norfolk Academy35
8Virginia Episcopal School23
8Woodberry Forest23
10Bishop O'Connell20
11The Potomac School14.75
12Cape Henry Collegiate13
13Greenbrier Christian Academy10
14Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School9
15Trinity Episcopal School8
16Paul VI Catholic6
17Tandem Friends School4
18Nansemond-Suffolk Academy3
19Bishop Ireton2
19Bishop Sullivan2

Virtual Meet Rankings:

55 Meter Dash

1Malcolm Johnson Jr2021St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School6.42 10
2Frank Royal2019Saint Christopher`s6.48 8
3Curtis Borden2019St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School6.50 6
4Jamall Mensah2020Episcopal6.54 5
5Daniel Reynolds2020Fork Union6.58 4
6Malik Holley2021Woodberry Forest6.73 3
7Eric Jackson2019The Potomac School6.77 0.75
7Meyann Avele-Eya2020Saint Christopher`s6.77 0.75
7Nigel Williams2020Collegiate6.77 0.75
7Sam Kamara2019Episcopal6.77 0.75
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300 Meter Dash

1Curtis Borden2019St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School35.53 10
2Frank Royal2019Saint Christopher`s35.76 8
3Dante Jackson2021Episcopal35.99 6
4Daniel Reynolds2020Fork Union36.33 5
5Malcolm Johnson Jr2021St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School36.35 4
6Austin Rucker2019The Potomac School36.63 3
7John Colizzi2020Benedictine36.67 2
8Matthew Gelin2019The Potomac School36.99 1
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500 Meter Dash

1Ian Smith2020Saint Christopher`s1:06.01 10
2Josh Spivey2019Collegiate1:07.74 8
3Liam Bellamy2020Collegiate1:08.20 6
4Alex Nevarez2019Norfolk Academy1:08.59 5
5Austin Rucker2019The Potomac School1:08.63 4
6William Lot2019Fork Union1:09.25 3
7Joshua Julien2019Fork Union1:09.79 2
8Christian Johnson2021Saint Christopher`s1:10.39 1
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1000 Meter Run

1Liam Bellamy2020Collegiate2:38.08 10
2Daniel O'Brien2020Virginia Episcopal School2:39.65 8
3Ian Smith2020Saint Christopher`s2:39.98 6
4Henry Singleton2019Woodberry Forest2:40.48 5
5Henry Valentine2020Saint Christopher`s2:40.83 4
6Jacob Conrod2020Nansemond-Suffolk Academy2:41.42 3
7Owen Richards2019Cape Henry Collegiate2:42.06 2
8Franklin Reid2021Norfolk Academy2:42.58 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Max Greczyn2019Bishop O'Connell4:24.77 10
2Miles Mullins2021Saint Christopher`s4:28.95 8
3Matthew Smith2021Paul VI Catholic4:30.51 6
4Daniel O'Brien2020Virginia Episcopal School4:30.54 5
5Owen Richards2019Cape Henry Collegiate4:30.63 4
6Henry Singleton2019Woodberry Forest4:33.58 3
7Sully Beck2020Saint Christopher`s4:38.21 2
8Henry Valentine2020Saint Christopher`s4:39.59 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Daniel O'Brien2020Virginia Episcopal School9:49.81 10
2Max Greczyn2019Bishop O'Connell9:53.97 8
3Owen Richards2019Cape Henry Collegiate9:54.09 6
4Miles Mullins2021Saint Christopher`s9:56.99 5
5Sully Beck2020Saint Christopher`s9:58.67 4
6Johnny White2020Collegiate10:00.44 3
7Ryan Wall2020Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School10:07.09 2
8Harrison Summers2021Norfolk Academy10:11.61 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Harrison Duncan2019Fork Union7.79 10
2Jayden Smith2021Saint Christopher`s7.85 8
3Elby Omohundro2019Saint Christopher`s7.92 6
4Mihir Damle2019Norfolk Academy8.11 4.5
4Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union8.11 4.5
6Cameron Lloyd2019Norfolk Academy8.12 3
7Ryan Hunt2019Fork Union8.38 2
8Rj Ross2019Woodberry Forest8.45 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Saint Christopher`s1:33.16 10
2Collegiate1:33.39 8
3Fork Union1:33.47 6
4Episcopal1:35.03 5
5Norfolk Academy1:35.40 4
6St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School1:35.70 3
7Bishop Sullivan1:38.13 2
8Woodberry Forest1:38.76 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Episcopal3:32.19 10
2Norfolk Academy3:33.86 8
3The Potomac School3:34.43 6
4Saint Christopher`s3:34.48 5
5Woodberry Forest3:35.93 4
6Collegiate3:36.04 3
7Fork Union3:36.12 2
8Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School3:46.13 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Saint Christopher`s8:15.33 10
2Collegiate8:27.24 8
3Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School8:32.01 6
4Norfolk Academy8:35.04 5
5Tandem Friends School8:47.64 4
6St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School8:49.93 3
7Episcopal8:54.41 2
8Cape Henry Collegiate9:00.93 1
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High Jump

1Alfred Stratford2021Collegiate6-2 9
1Elby Omohundro2019Saint Christopher`s6-2 9
3Chris Grainer2020Collegiate6-0 5.5
3Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union6-0 5.5
5Mihir Damle2019Norfolk Academy5-10 3.5
5Ryan Hunt2019Fork Union5-10 3.5
7Logan Murphy-Redd2019Bishop Ireton5-9 2
8Henry Bush2021Collegiate5-6 0.5
8Ryan Dugan2021Saint Christopher`s5-6 0.5
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Long Jump

1Frank Royal2019Saint Christopher`s23-3.5 10
2John Colizzi2020Benedictine22-5.75 8
3Donald Adams2020Collegiate22-3.75 6
4Jayden Smith2021Saint Christopher`s21-7 5
5Christian Borden2021St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School21-6.25 4
6Harrison Duncan2019Fork Union21-2 3
7Keon Coley2019Benedictine20-4.5 2
8Nigel Williams2020Collegiate20-1.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union46-4 10
2Elby Omohundro2019Saint Christopher`s46-0.5 8
3John Colizzi2020Benedictine45-7.5 6
4Harrison Duncan2019Fork Union44-6 5
5Jayden Smith2021Saint Christopher`s41-1 4
6Christian Borden2021St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School40-10 3
7Ryan Hunt2019Fork Union40-2 2
8Mason Street2021Saint Christopher`s39-1 1
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Pole Vault

1Drew Philhower2020Benedictine14-10 10
2Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union14-6 8
3Elby Omohundro2019Saint Christopher`s13-0 6
4John Philip Mintz2020Collegiate12-6 5
5Max Macek2019Saint Christopher`s11-6 4
6Domincik Walton2021Fork Union11-0 3
7James Kulp2021Collegiate10-7 2
8Mike Hawkins2021Saint Christopher`s10-6 1
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Shot Put

1Hunter Davis2021Greenbrier Christian Academy47-10.5 10
2Jeremy Singleton2019Trinity Episcopal School46-6 8
3Mathieu Masse-Pelletier2020Woodberry Forest46-5.5 6
4Malik James2019Benedictine43-3.5 5
5Hank Feiler2020Saint Christopher`s43-0.25 4
6Jeff Stallings0Episcopal41-3.5 3
7Jimmy Tran2018Bishop O'Connell41-1 2
8Parker Jenkins0Episcopal40-4 1
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