VISAA Girls State Championship Virtual Meet

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It is no surprise that Saint Catherine's enters as the huge favorites. They are however starting to have some teams come up to their level which should make things interesting after Ballowe graduates. Check out all the rankings for teams and each event below. 

Team Scores

1Saint Catherine's192
4The Potomac School51
5Norfolk Academy46
6St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School19
7Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School18
8Paul VI Catholic14
8Stonebridge School14
10Trinity Episcopal School12.5
11The Covenant School12
12Bishop O'Connell10
12Norfolk Christian10
12Norfolk Collegiate10
15Veritas School7
16Bishop Ireton6.5
17Cape Henry Collegiate6
17St. Margaret's School6
19Walsingham Academy5
20Highland School3
21St. Gertrude2

Girls Virtual Meet Rankings:

55 Meter Dash

1Micayah Holland2023Norfolk Christian7.34 10
2Addie Marin2020The Potomac School7.37 8
3Daija Yisrael2019The Potomac School7.40 6
4Nina Moore2020Episcopal7.42 5
5Caliyah Bennett2020Collegiate7.45 4
6Willa Shannon2020Saint Catherine's7.51 3
7Caroline Panton2021Episcopal7.55 2
8Catherine Hyman2020The Potomac School7.59 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Catherine Hyman2020The Potomac School41.64 10
2Willa Shannon2020Saint Catherine's42.08 8
3Archer Gurkin2020Saint Catherine's42.52 6
4Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's43.16 5
5Nyia Cummings2020St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School43.33 4
6Jahsaiah Moses2019Episcopal43.66 3
7Margot Labrecque2019The Potomac School43.71 2
8Maggie Bostain2020Collegiate43.83 1
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500 Meter Dash

1Catherine Hyman2020The Potomac School1:16.05 10
2Archer Gurkin2020Saint Catherine's1:16.84 8
3Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's1:18.30 6
4Maggie Bostain2020Collegiate1:19.51 5
5Maggie Strickler2020Saint Catherine's1:22.57 4
6Reagan Gilman2022Veritas School1:22.76 3
7Nyia Cummings2020St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School1:22.99 2
8Annie Dunlop2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School1:24.41 1
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1000 Meter Run

1Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's2:55.84 10
2Alli Boehm2020Episcopal3:00.81 8
3Annie Dunlop2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School3:06.77 6
4Julia Galbraith2019Saint Catherine's3:07.25 5
5Elle Lambert2019Norfolk Academy3:14.60 4
6Mohini Johri2019Collegiate3:15.25 3
7Ellie Thurneysen2020Paul VI Catholic3:17.82 2
8Emma Somers2019Norfolk Academy3:18.57 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's5:11.20 10
2Claire Boehm2020Episcopal5:18.04 8
3Alli Boehm2020Episcopal5:19.46 6
4Julia Galbraith2019Saint Catherine's5:19.64 5
5Hope Frost2021Stonebridge School5:21.34 4
6Elle Lambert2019Norfolk Academy5:25.79 3
7Katherine Slovak2022Bishop O'Connell5:29.96 2
8Kathryn Sutherland2022Collegiate5:33.38 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Hope Frost2021Stonebridge School11:41.17 10
2Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's11:47.44 8
3Maddy Watkins2019Collegiate11:50.76 6
4Katherine Slovak2022Bishop O'Connell11:54.64 5
5Ella Dalton2020The Covenant School11:55.55 4
6Kathryn Sutherland2022Collegiate12:00.72 3
7Julia Galbraith2019Saint Catherine's12:03.94 2
8Lana O'Flynn2022Veritas School12:28.23 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Willa Shannon2020Saint Catherine's8.64 10
2Sydney Beverly2020Norfolk Academy8.85 8
3Morgan Williams2019Trinity Episcopal School9.22 5.5
3Parker Longood2019Saint Catherine's9.22 5.5
5Caliyah Bennett2020Collegiate9.26 4
6Nyia Cummings2020St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School9.34 3
7Senia Cade2020Bishop Ireton9.41 2
8Caitlyn Lloyd2022Norfolk Academy9.49 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Saint Catherine's1:47.80 10
2Collegiate1:48.48 8
3Episcopal1:49.26 6
4St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School1:50.64 5
5Norfolk Academy1:54.34 4
6Paul VI Catholic1:55.17 3
7St. Gertrude1:59.63 2
8Cape Henry Collegiate2:01.66 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1The Potomac School4:03.49 10
2Saint Catherine's4:06.18 8
3Episcopal4:08.94 6
4Collegiate4:14.97 5
5Paul VI Catholic4:19.84 4
6Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School4:28.81 3
7St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School4:28.94 2
8Norfolk Academy4:30.59 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Saint Catherine's9:33.86 10
2Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School10:13.80 8
3Collegiate10:16.02 6
4Episcopal10:30.99 5
5Norfolk Academy10:38.88 4
6Veritas School10:41.95 3
7St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School10:52.23 2
8Paul VI Catholic11:19.75 1
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Triple Jump

1Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's34-11 10
2Lilly Hall2020Collegiate33-6 8
3Sydney Beverly2020Norfolk Academy33-0.5 6
4Morgan Williams2019Trinity Episcopal School32-6 5
5Ashlyn Eby2019Paul VI Catholic32-3.75 4
6Sydney Simpson2022Saint Catherine's32-3 3
7Carmela Ribadeneira2021Episcopal31-2.25 2
8Ashley D'Ambrosia2021Collegiate31-2 1
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Long Jump

1Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's17-10.75 10
2Sydney Simpson2022Saint Catherine's16-10.5 8
3Amaya Connor2021St. Margaret's School16-9 6
4Claire Bingham2019Cape Henry Collegiate16-5.25 5
5Sydney Beverly2020Norfolk Academy15-11.5 4
6Parker Longood2019Saint Catherine's15-10 3
7Emma Somers2019Norfolk Academy15-8.75 2
8Morgan Williams2019Trinity Episcopal School15-7 1
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High Jump

1Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's5-3 10
2Eliza Stone2022Collegiate5-2 8
3Caroline Panton2021Episcopal4-10 4.5
3Maddie Ball2021Collegiate4-10 4.5
3Senia Cade2020Bishop Ireton4-10 4.5
3Sydney Simpson2022Saint Catherine's4-10 4.5
7Alex McEneney2020St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School4-8 1
7Caitlyn Lloyd2022Norfolk Academy4-8 1
7Olivia Nolt2021Collegiate4-8 1
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Pole Vault

1Anjali Mead2022Saint Catherine's11-1 10
2Catherine Horner2022Collegiate9-6 7
2Emma Somers2019Norfolk Academy9-6 7
4Clare Kinney2019Walsingham Academy9-0 5
5Anna McKay Radcliff2019Saint Catherine's8-6 3
5Ashley D'Ambrosia2021Collegiate8-6 3
5Emma Hopkins2022Highland School8-6 3
8Lauren Lucy2022Collegiate8-1 1
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Shot Put

1Logan Gaskin2021Norfolk Collegiate34-11.5 10
2Hallie Reese2019The Covenant School34-10.5 8
3Sadie Woodhouse2020Collegiate34-0 6
4Niara Wilson2020Saint Catherine's32-3.5 5
5Jodie Kuo2020The Potomac School31-0.5 4
6Lauren Collins2020Bishop O'Connell30-8 3
7Eliza Woodfin2019Saint Catherine's30-5 2
8Sally Snead2019Trinity Episcopal School29-11 1
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