Nolan Jez

Favorite Article of The Yr #2 Redefining What Distance Means Nolan Jez Aug 7, 2019

Loudoun County as a whole is known for its horse farms, great schools, future Silver Line access, and of course distance running. It has seen multiple Foot Locker National Champions, multiple sub four milers, and most recently back-to-back NXN champions. Simply put, it is a distance hotbed of talent. 

Favorite Article of The Yr #4: Howley Gets Hit By Deer! Nolan Jez Aug 5, 2019

Caroline Howley, a McLean senior, came down to the MileStat XC Invitational for a PR. As she said in her interview, she got out well and made it thru the first 1K in great position. She was well on her way to run a blistering fast time and break 20 minutes for the first time this season. 

Preseason Countdown Boys #4: Jack Eliason Nolan Jez Jul 22, 2019

While all eyes are on Loudoun Valley this season, don't miss Western Albemarle who have some of the strongest runners in the nation. One of those runners, Jack Eliason, is our fourth ranked runner heading into the cross country season. He enters the season with a personal best of 15:29. 

Preseason Countdown Girls #2: Rachel Mudd Nolan Jez Jul 21, 2019

Our number two pre-season runner is Rachel Mudd of Atlee. She enters the season having run 17:44 and with a major title under her belt, the XC Invite. She did however face some injuries since then and that is why she is number two.