100% Results In! Regional Coverage Central May 31, 2014

Your one stop location for every regional championship. This includes all results, elite performances, performance lists, photos, videos, and even state leaderboards for each region! Check it all out here.     

VHSL Group 6A Regional Virtual Meets & Conference Results May 27, 2014

Despite being "watered-down" this still remains a very high profile regional meet. These meets will be very interesting to watch with regards to how things are going to shape up at the 6A State meet. Lyles vs. Morgan? Here is your one stop location for everything related to the 6A Classification's regional championships. Elite Top 50 Boys Outdoor T&F Rankings (5/29) May 29, 2014

With three regions now reporting results the times are quickly picking up and the leaderboards are being systematically rewritten. Check out all the changes and where everything stands now with the majority of the finals and fast races to come this weekend.

Girls 4x800m Relay May 30, 2014

West Springfield Girls run 9:04.68! Just shy off the state record and a new VA #2 time.

Old AAA Northern Region Virtual Championship Meet May 30, 2014

For many people, the new system is seen as a change that was not needed. In the nortern region especailly, there were some of the biggest and baddest teams the state has ever seen. Let's take a look using our virtual meet function to see what the old Northern Region would have looked like this year. 

Nearly 80 Videos! 6A North Region Race & Field Videos May 31, 2014

MileStat was live and on-site not only for photographs and live updates but also to film every race that took place as well as film multiple field events and catch the top performances of not only the region but the entire state.