Meet Information

Registration help:

1. Entries are due by: Tuesday, March 29th @ 11:59 a.m.
2. Scratches will be done at the Track!
3. Jayvee entries are located online @
4. Coaches event areas:
a. Hampton/Denbigh - LJ/TJ (separate runways)
b. Heritage - exchange zones
c. Menchville - HJ
d. Gloucester - PV/Hurdle crew
e. Warwick - Finish Line
f. Kecoughtan - SP (girls)
g. Woodside - D (boys/girls)
h. Phoebus - Clerking
I. Bethel - SP (boys)
5. Xcelerating Timing will do the timing.
6. Schedule:
a. 3:00 Coaches Meeting
b. 3:30 Field events
1. SP - girls/boys (seperate circles)
2. LJ - girls followed by boys (in-field runway)
3. TJ - boys followed by girls (runway by discus cage)
4. HJ - girls followed by boys
5. PV - girls/boys
6. D - girls followed by boys after TJ
3200m run
c. 4:15 Running events
Varsity followed by Jayvee
1. 3200m relay
2. 100/110 hurdles
3. 100m dash
4. 1600m run
5. 4x100m relay
6. 400m dash
7. 300m hurdles
8. 800m run
9. 200m dash
10. 1600m relay

7. Clerking: Start of the sprints. Each athlete will check-in and get their own hip numbers per event. (Coaches that have gone to NA Meets we will try their method of clerking)
8. Chalk ONLY on the runways and track.
9. NO warm-ups on the Football field. Visitors side can be used for starts as warm-up until the meet starts. The football/soccer fields adjacent to the track is used as a warm-up area.
11. CONCESSIONS will be available.