VHSL 1A West Region Cross Country Championships 2016

Wise, VA

Meet Information

Registration help:

1A West Region
Cross Country Championships
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
Veldon Dotson Park
5791 Airport Road, Wise, VA 24293

Host School: Eastside High School

Emil Schenck - Head Cross Country Coach - Eastside High School
Phone - 276-395-3380
Brian Mills - Head Cross Country Coach - Central High School
Phone - 276-328-8015
E-mail - eschenck@wisek12.org
**Coaches - Please e-mail me (Emil Schenck) at the address above once you receive this so I will have your e-mail and be able to get in contact with you if I need to before the meet.

PARTICIPANTS - 1A West Region cross country teams and individuals that have qualified from Conferences 45 (Western Gate), 46 (Mountain West), 47 (Crooked Road), and 48(Cumberland).


Entry Form - Entries are due by 3:00 p.m., Friday, October 28th, 2016. Entries will be done online on milestat.com. Go to the calendar page, find the 1A West Region meet on the calendar, and click on the green online entry icon and enter your runners. You will also need to fill out the Regional entry form which can be found on the VHSL website at vhsl.org. At the top of the page click on forms and then scroll down until you see Cross Country Regional Entry Form. Please fill this out and either scan it and e-mail it to me at eschenck@wisek12.org or fax it to me at Eastside High School. The fax number at Eastside is 276-395-2191.


1:00 - Course Opens

2:00 - Coaches Meeting

2:30 - Girls Varsity

3:15 - Boys Varsity

4:00 - Awards

BUSES: Buses will drop off teams at the soccer fields where the event booth will be set up and then park in the gravel parking lot.

FACILITIES: Bathrooms are available in the building beside the soccer fields and in the building beside the little league baseball complex.
Concessions will be available at the concession stand.
Direct embroidery and screen-printed shirts will be available through Topline Advertising.

MEET INSTRUCTIONS: Only the top 7 runners will be allowed to run in the varsity races. Alternate runners may be substituted in the day of the race. The uniform rule will be in effect. Check the rule book and go over it with your team before the meet.

FINISH LINE: All runners must go through the entire chute to be counted. They will have numbers that they will wear and the tabs will be pulled off in the chute. Also, remind your runners that their singlets must stay on until they are completely through the chute. If they take it off before they are completely through the chute they will be disqualified.

TIMING: Timing will be done by Michael Elkins at Network Timing, LLC. Results will be posted on va.milesplit.com

RACE RESULTS: Top 6 teams, boys and girls, will qualify for the state meet. The top 10 individuals, boys and girls, not on the top 6 teams will qualify for the state meet.

STATE MEET ENTRY FORMS: State meet entry forms must be turned into me (Emil Schenck - Eastside) for all qualifying teams and individuals before you leave. These forms can be found at www.vhsl.org. Click on forms at the top of the page and scroll down until you find State Meet Cross Country Entry Forms. I will also have copies in your packet. You will also be entering your runners online at milestat.com. Go to milestat, click on calendar at the top of the page, and scroll down until you find the state meet and enter your runners. Please make sure that you give me your state meet entry forms before you leave the regional meet.

AWARDS: The top 15 individuals in the girls and boys races will receive medals and the top two teams will receive trophies. Individuals on the top two placing teams, boys and girls, will also receive team medals.

Directions to Veldon Dotson Recreation Park
5791 Airport Road
Wise, VA 24293
Located near Lonesome Pine Airport

There are basically 3 routes to Wise

1. If you type this address into Google maps, it will probably send you up Tacoma Mountain Road (Route 706), which is shorter but extremely curvy.
2. You can choose to go through Coeburn and up Wise Mountain Road (Route 646), about a minute longer than the first route, it is also extremely curvy but not as much as the first route.
3. I would recommend the following route even though it's longer (10-15 minutes) but it is not curvy like the other 2 routes:
1. From Abingdon take route 19N
2. At Hansonville take a left onto route 58 Alt West toward Norton.
3. After 35 miles you will approach Norton and take a right toward Wise onto 23 North.
4. After 2.4 miles (at the 2nd red light, you will see McDonalds) you will take a right toward Wise (Lonesome Pine Airport) onto Norton Road (Business 23 N)
5. At the next red light (1.3 miles) you will take a right on E Main Street (640 N)
6. After .4 miles you will take a slight left onto Park Avenue
7. At the red light, you will take a right onto Darden Drive, Coeburn Mountain Road, Route 646 toward UVA Wise and the Airport
8. After 2 miles (will drive past UVA Wise on the left) you will take a left onto Route 723 Airport Road toward the Airport and Dotson Park.
9. After 1 mile you will turn left into Veldon Dotson Recreation Park