Meet Information


-The track opens at 8:30am. The infield will remain open for warm-ups until 9:30. After that time the only athletes who may be on the infield are those who are warming up for an event that starts at 10am.

-Athletes and coaches will use the lower entrance to enter the track. Spectators will use the upper entrance. Spectators will be charged $5 each and must stay in the spectator half of the facility.

-Packet pickup will be in the lower entrance lobby. Bib numbers and coaches wristbands are in the packet. Athletes must use their bib numbers for entry. Any individual without a coachs pass or a bib number will have to enter at the spectator entrance.

-There will be a brief coaches meeting at 9:30. The meeting will take place in the spectator bleachers directly above the high jump area (on the scoreboard end of the facility)

-No spikes longer than 1/4 are permitted and no needle pikes are permitted. All athletes must have their spikes checked at the spike check area near the end of the warm up track or at their field event. Athletes will receive a zip tie to put on their shoes to identify shoes that have passed the spike check.

-All athlete camps will be on the upper level. The only athletes on the lower level will be the athletes competing on the infield or warming up for the next 2 events. Athletes warming up should restrict themselves to the warmup track and adjacent area. No athlete warming up can spectate near the track. Athletes can also warmup outside but must exit their 2nd floor camp by the stairs nearest the lower entrance to the facility. Use the same stairs to return to their camp.

-Athletes should get their hip numbers with the assistant clerk on the lower level while they are warming up. It is their duty to be in the marshaling area as their section is called or they will be scratched.

-The trainer will be located on the lower level at the bottom of the middle staircase. After seeing the trainer the athlete must use the middle stairs to return to their team camp.

-Field event coaches are only allowed on the infield during warmups for the long jump, triple jump and pole vault. Once the competition has started coaches must exit to the upper level. Competing athletes can confer with their coaches but the coaches must remain in the upper level.

-Shot Put weigh in will take place at the event area. All shots must be weighed in before the competition begins.

-Event coaches in the shot put and high jump are allowed in the competition area only during warmups. High jump and shot put coaches only may stay in the coaches box behind the shot put area. Coaches must leave the area when their athletes are no longer in the competition and should return to the upper level.

* No coaches are allowed on the infield unless they are with their athletes who are warming up for a field event and must exit when when the field event starts.

-Tshirts will be sold

-A concessions stand will be open with a variety of snacks, drinks, and warm food. The concessions stand will be staffed by the LU Club Sports department.

-I repeat, no coaches or athletes allowed on the lower level except in the cases mentioned above. There should be absolutely no one anywhere near the track perimeter on the lower level except for competing athletes and officials.