VHSL Group 6A State Indoor T&F Championships 2017

Hampton, VA

Meet Information


5A and 6A Combined
Virginia Indoor Track & Field State Championships
* Entries will be done online through MileStat.com and the MileSplit registration system.

* The entry deadline for coaches is 12.59 PM on Sunday, February 19, 2017 (unless regional representative decides on an earlier deadline for their region).

* Regional Reps: Your region's state meet entries must be verified online in the entry system by 5:00 PM Sunday February 19th. A performance list will be posted by 6:00pm so that coaches may check their entries. Email any manual corrections or updates to Vincent Pugh: vapugh1va@gmail.com.

* Coaches can email scratches to Vincent Pugh no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, February 20th.

* Entry system will not allow coaches to override and manual input a time/mark. System will generate the athlete or relay's season best performance according to the MileStat.com database. So make sure your season best performances are currently reflected on the site.

** Limit 3 running events per athlete who qualified. If they are entered in those events, they are considered to be "declared" for those events. If they are scratch out of an event, then that event still counts towards their 3 running event limit.
* When entering relays, make sure you select the check boxes of all potential relay legs (especially legs not already entered in individual events) to insure they are part of your state meet team roster. Do not select more than 6 relay legs as hy-tek will only download a max of 6 legs and you will then have some athletes not downloaded into your meet roster. You cannot run an athlete in a relay at the state championships who is not part of your state meet roster so this is an important instruction! Enter only your 4 relay legs and your two potential alternates, not other spectator-only student-athletes!

* Make sure all of your entered athletes have the correct spelling and graduation years listed.

* To generate a new and improved season best seed time listed in the database, deselect an individual or relay entered (check off the entry's check box) then re-select that individual or relay to be entered in the event and the new season best performance should be reflected in the automatically generated and verified seed.

Direct all questions or issues with the entry system to Vince Pugh, 757-635-8284. Direct questions regarding meet itself to: Ray Smith @757-810-8338, rsmith724@verizon.net, or Eddie Williams @ 757-812-2314, Edward.Williams@hii-nns.com

Facility opens 7:30am
Coaches - Packet Pick-up
Field Events:
9:00 am
5A Boys High Jump, 6A Boys High Jump, 5A Girls High Jump, 6A Girls High Jump*
6A Boys Triple Jump, 5A Boys Triple Jump, 6A Girls Triple Jump, 5A Girls Triple Jump*
5A Boys Shot Put, 6A Boys Shot Put, 5A Girls Shot put, 6A Girls Shot Put*
6A Girls Pole Vault, 5A Girls Pole Vault, 6A Boys Pole Vault, 5A Boys Pole Vault
*Events follow one after another, 40 minute warm-up between each event.

Friday Running Events:
4:30 pm 5A Girls 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
4:40 pm 6A Girls 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
4:50 pm 5A Boys 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
5:00 pm 6A Boys 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
5:10 pm 5A Girls 55 Dash Semis** (3)
5:20 pm 6A Girls 55 Dash Semis** (3)
5:30 pm 5A Boys 55 Dash Semis** (3)
5:40 pm 6A Boys 55 Dash Semis** (3)
6:00 pm 5A Girls 4x800 Relay (2)
6:30 pm 6A Girls 4x800 Relay (2)
7:00 pm 5A Boys 4x800 Relay (2)
7:30 pm 6A Boys 4x800 Relay (2)
**All running events will have 5A going first followed by 6A
**All sprint finals will be two heat finals.

Facility Opens 7:00 am
Coaches Meeting 7:30-If Needed
Field Events:
8:00 am
5A Girls Long Jump followed by 6A Girls Long Jump* Pit 1.
6A boys Long Jump followed by 5A Boys Long Jump* Pit 2
* We will be using two pits Saturday only for both Long Jumps.

*Events follow one after another, 40 minute warm-up between each event.

Running Events:
12 Noon 5A Girls 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
6A Girls 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
12:15 pm 5A Boys 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
6A Girls 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
12:30 pm 5A Girls 55 Dash Finals (2)
6A Girls 55 Dash Finals (2)
12:40 pm 5A Boys 55 Dash Finals (2)
6A Boys 55 Dash Finals (2)
12:50 pm 5A Girls 4x200 Relay Final (3)
6A Girls 4x200 Relay Final (3)
1:15 pm 5A Boys 4x200 Relay Final (3)
6A Boys 4x200 Relay Final (3)
1:40 pm 5A Girls 1600 Run Final (1)
6A Girls 1600 Run Final (1)
2:00 pm 5A Boys 1600 Run Final (1)
6A Boys 1600 Run Final (1)
2:20 pm 5A Girls 500 Run Final (3)
6A Girls 500 Run Final (3)
2:40 pm 5A Boys 500 Run Final (3)
6A Boys 500 Run Final (3)
3:00 pm 5A Girls 1000 Run Final (2)
6A Girls 1000 Run Final (2)
3:15 pm 5A Boys 1000 Run Final (2)
6A Boys 1000 Run Final (2)
3:30 pm 5A Girls 300 Dash Final (3)
6A Girls 300 Dash Final (3)
3:45 pm 5A Boys 300 Dash Final (3)
6A Boys 300 Dash Final (3)
4:00 pm 5A Girls 3200 Run Final (1)
6A Girls 3200 Run Final (1)
4:30 pm 5A Boys 3200 Run Final (1)
6A Boys 3200 Run Final (1)
5:00 pm 5A Girls 4x400 Relay Final (3)
6A Girls 4x400 Relay Final (3)
5:30 pm 5A Boys 4x400 Relay Final (3)
6A Boys 4x400 Relay Final (3)
6:00 pm Team Awards