AAU Meet Information

AAU Event Information 

The AAU sanctioned events held within the VA Showcase are 
for all purposes part of a separate meet. What this means is that
athletes can only compete in one or the other (AAU or NFHS sanctioned events)
on a single calendar day.  

These AAU events are part of the greater VA Showcase 
namesake only for the purpose of providing athletes and 
teams a chance to compete during the indoor season. 
That includes home schooled athletes, age group athletes, 
and out of state athletes without indoor track. 
Athletes competing against them will only be able to 
compete in that event while at the meet. The AAU 
events are part of a separate meet though. 

AAU athletes are not covered under the NFHS sanction 
and thus the following things apply. Athletes cannot wear 
school issued uniforms. Athletes’ travel must not be 
covered by the school if they are solely competing 
in an AAU event. Athletes’ performances will not count 
towards NFHS recognized records and/or will not be 
accepted as qualifying marks for state standards. 

Meet management wants to stress that if an athlete 
runs, jumps, hurdles, vaults, throws, or competes in 
any other event or relay AFTER competing in an 
AAU event the same day that they will be disqualified 
from the meet and reported on sportsmanship 
violations to the appropriate organizations. 

The following races will have AAU sanctions and not NFHS sanctions. 

Boys DMR (1 Section)
Boys Mile (one invitational section only) 
Boys 300m Dash (1 Section - FULL)

Boys 1000m Run (1 Section)
Boys 500m Dash (1 Section - FULL)
Girls 800m Run (1 Section)