Liberty Christmas High School Invitational 2019

Lynchburg, VA

Meet Information

Meet Information

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Liberty Christmas High School Invitational
December 15, 2018
Liberty Indoor Track Complex

Only athletes competing for their Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Maryland high school can enter this meet. All teams must enter through Direct Athletics at you must enter your team on Direct Athletics in order to be entered in the meet (No Exceptions). Please be considerate and use accurate seeding marks to improve overall meet quality.

Entry Fee: Entry fee will be $10 dollars per athlete per event. $20 dollars per Relay. Entry fee will be charged based upon online entry at deadline, not upon participation. Example: John Smith runs the 55m, pole vault, and long jump. His entry fee will be $30 dollars.

Please Make Checks Payable to Integrity Track Club
Mail to:
Integrity Track Club
698 Willow Oak Terrace
Forest, VA 24551

Entry Deadline: The deadline for entries will be Monday, December 10, 2018 at 7:00pm

Address: 1501 Liberty Mountain Dr. Lynchburg, VA 24502

Location: The Liberty University Indoor Track Complex is located off of Candlers Mountain Road, underneath the LU monogram. The road leading back to the indoor track from Candlers Mountain Road may be found across from Fairfield Inn & Suites, whose address is 3777 Candlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502.

Facility Layout: The facility houses a hydraulically banked 200-meter track oval. Eight 42 lanes on the infield straightaway and six 42 lanes on the curve. The facility has over 1400 permanent seats and additional portable seating. The infield holds two horizontal jump and two pole vault runways. Throwing circle is outside the oval.

Takeoff boards:
Long Jump 10
Womens Triple Jump 35
Mens Triple Jump 41

Runway Length:
Long Jump 163
Womens Triple Jump 138
Mens Triple Jump 132
Pole Vault 135

Starting Heights:
Pole Vault Girls-Starts at 70 then by 6 inches.
Pole Vault Boys - 8 9 10 then by 6 inches.
High Jump Girls- 42 then by 2 inches.
High Jump Boys-50 then by 2 inches.

Minimum measured marks:
In the Shot, LJ and TJ each competitor will get the first legal attempt measured then must hit the following minimum mark to get measured
Girls: shot 23, LJ 13, TJ 27
Boys: shot 33, LJ 17 TJ 36

Athlete Check-In:
All field event athletes will be required to check-in at their event site 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their event. All running event athletes must check-in 30 minutes prior to the start of their event. Heat and lane assignments will be posted after the Coaches meeting.

Implement weigh-in will take place at the site of competition. All implements must be checked in an hour before the event starts in order to be used.

Athletic Trainers:
A Certified Athletic Trainer will be available for first-aid services only. If an athletic trainer is unable to attend the meet with your team you must send a kit with supplies (tape, pre-wrap, band-aids). Ice will be available for injuries that occur.

Seeding procedures will be decided by the games committee based on number of entries. Running events will be seeded slow to fast.

Meet results will be posted online at and

Inch pyramids are the only acceptable spikes. Spikes will be checked and marked at the check-in site. No athletes will be permitted to compete without proper marking on their spikes.

Only athletic tape may be used as markers for the jumps. NO chalk or other type of tape allowed.


Coaches Meals:
Two coaches (extra tickets will be $5 each) from each school will receive concession vouchers.

Further Information:
Contact Ashley Bookbinder at or call (434) 582-2135.

Liberty Christmas
High School Invitational
December 15, 2018
Tentative Time Schedule

Field Events:
9:30 am Girls- LJ/TJ to follow
Boys-LJ/TJ to follow
Girls PV
11:00am Girls-HJ
12:30pm Boys-PV
2:30pm Boys-HJ

Running Events:
9:30am 4x800m Relay Finals (Girls/Boys)
10:15am 55 Meter Dash Trials (Girls/Boys)
11:00am 55 Meter Hurdle Trials (Girls/Boys)
11:25am 1600m Run (Girls)
12:00pm 1600m Run (Boys)
12:30pm 55 Meter Hurdle Finals (Boys/Girls)
12:40pm 55 Meter Dash Finals (Girls/Boys)
12:45pm 500 Meter Dash Finals (Girls/Boys)
1:30pm 4x200 Meter Relay Finals (Girls/Boys)
2:10pm 1000 Meter Run Finals (Girls/Boys)
2:55pm 300 Meter Dash Finals (Girls/Boys)
3:45pm 3200m Run (Girls/Boys)
4:45pm 4x400m Relay (Girls/Boys)