Meet Information

Registration help:

Where: Burke Lake Park

When: Thursday, Nov. 1st

Times: Boys 3:00 pm & Girls 3:30 pm

Awards: Trophy and 15 patches for the winning team (boys and girls) / Runner- up Trophy (boys and girls). Medals awarded for top 3 finishers (boys and girls).

Director: Jonathan Frohm-

Entry&Deadline: Entries must be received NLT Sunday, October 28, 2018 by 9:00 pm.

Entries MUST be done electronically on Milestat. That will serve as your official entry. Any questions on entries, contact Mike Kiernan ( or Jonathan Frohm (

Championship: The winner of the Region 6D Cross-Country Meet is declared the Northern Region Champion (Boys & Girls)

State Qualifying: The top 3 teams and top 5 individuals (not on the top three teams) from each race advance to the VHSL State Championship race on Saturday, Nov. 10 at Great Meadows.

Numbers: All participants must wear numbers on the front of their shirts. Packets may be picked up from the meet director at the scorers table prior to the race.

Finish: Ipico chips will be used / Attached to the runners shoes.

Coaches Meeting: Participating team coaches will meet with the tournament director at 2:00 pm near the starting line/scorers table.

Course: 2.98 miles with a variety of surfaces including dirt trails, grass and pavement

Awards: Presentation of awards will take place at the end of the girls race and as soon as the official meet results are available.

Locker&Restrooms: There will be no locker facilities available. Restrooms are located at the marina, one-half mile from the starting line. Teams are responsible for clean-up of their own warm-up areas in the park. Everyone must stay off of the fence and outside of the golf course area.