Athlete Entries

middle school boys 65 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Pratt, Coen Virginia Middle School
Vaughn, Dylan Colonial Heights Middle School
Carrier, D.J. Bluff City Middle School
Bowling, James Vance Middle School
Turpin, Josh Holston Valley Middle School
Bailey, Rory Princeton Senior
Edwards, Joel Virginia Middle School
Johnson, Shepherd Colonial Heights Middle School
Crowder, Takoda Holston Valley Middle School
Moretto, Kyle Princeton Senior
Smith, Landon Vance Middle School
Krumtum, Josiah Virginia Middle School
Leibe, Frank Colonial Heights Middle School
Hicks, Kaden Holston Valley Middle School
Hall, Jacob Princeton Senior
Stone, Kaleb Vance Middle School
Wells, Steven Rural Retreat
Giles, Grant Holston Valley Middle School
Allen, Clay Princeton Senior
Brinegar, Nicolai Rural Retreat
Harper, Mason Vance Middle School
Hayes, Blake Holston Valley Middle School
Reed, Xander Princeton Senior
Kilbourne, Benjamin Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Sarver, Ray Bland County
Dutton, Jared Rural Retreat
Thompson, Brayden Vance Middle School
Strouth, Aaron Bluff City Middle School
McCarthy, Darrion Vance Middle School
Deakins, Sam Kiser Middle School
Lane, Nick Bluff City Middle School
Keesee, Carter Vance Middle School
Radar, Brady Virginia Middle School
Fox, Kagyn Bluff City Middle School
Dean, Robert Vance Middle School
Neal, Zack Princeton Senior
Mai, Justin Virginia Middle School
Blair, Aaron Colonial Heights Middle School
Hrirou, Adam Vance Middle School
Wise, Timmy Holston Valley Middle School
Anderson, Patrick Princeton Senior
Moody, Henry Virginia Middle School
Dancy, Ben Colonial Heights Middle School
Turpin, Jeremiah Holston Valley Middle School
Myers, Jacob Princeton Senior
Mitchell, Allen Vance Middle School
Harrington, Mason Virginia Middle School
Wolfe, Seth Colonial Heights Middle School
Roberts, Gavin Holston Valley Middle School
Pendergrass, Donald Princeton Senior
Childers, Brody Rural Retreat
Robertson, Grady Vance Middle School
Turpin, Jacob Holston Valley Middle School
Beck, Ayden Princeton Senior
Belcher, Holden Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Hamman, Micah Rural Retreat
Childress, Jude Vance Middle School
Napier, Blake Vance Middle School
Chatterton, Owen Rural Retreat
Malcolm, John Paul Bluff City Middle School
Sybers, Daniel Northwood
Letson, Paul Vance Middle School
Roe, Jacob Virginia Middle School
Smith, Hunter Bluff City Middle School
Hutson, Nolan Vance Middle School
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middle school girls 71 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Addair, Shaina Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Counts, Alyeeyah Bluff City Middle School
Arrowood, Brooklyn Princeton Senior
Smith, Gabby Bluff City Middle School
Hott, Dakoda Vance Middle School
Clouse, Briana Vance Middle School
Leonard, Jenna Virginia Middle School
Bellamy, Isabelle Colonial Heights Middle School
Lendzioszek, Eva Vance Middle School
Valles, Nyellie Virginia Middle School
Demic, Kaleigh Colonial Heights Middle School
Blevins, Morgana Fort Chiswell
Casey, Kylee Vance Middle School
Edmonds, Lexi Fort Chiswell
Miller, Honnor Virginia Middle School
Keen, Isabelle Colonial Heights Middle School
Hodges, Kaylee Princeton Senior
Bane, Brie Princeton Senior
Mora, Kaylee Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Ritchie, Ada Vance Middle School
Combs, Briana Holston Valley Middle School
King, Kara Fort Chiswell
Slagle, Leata Virginia Middle School
Bowen, Aya Colonial Heights Middle School
Terry, Elaina Rural Retreat
Beeman, Autumn Princeton Senior
Lachniet, Claire Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Jones, Mylee Bluff City Middle School
Kovacs, Ellyson Vance Middle School
Pritchett, Jaycee Princeton Senior
Cody, Casey Virginia Middle School
McMurray, Blakely Colonial Heights Middle School
Bailey, Olivia Rural Retreat
Ruble, Madison Princeton Senior
DeBusk, Kara Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Davis, Harlee Bluff City Middle School
Cooper, Sofie Vance Middle School
Farmer, Cat Princeton Senior
Kariuki, Tori Virginia Middle School
Cox, Gracie Bluff City Middle School
Edmisten, Emma Bluff City Middle School
Teri, Lydia Vance Middle School
Stalnaker, Averie Vance Middle School
Honaker, Mia Virginia Middle School
Crawford, Desiree Colonial Heights Middle School
Harman, Gwyneth Vance Middle School
Greene, Chloe Colonial Heights Middle School
Wittenrich, Emily Fort Chiswell
Valles, Solana Virginia Middle School
Peaks, Cheyanne Holston Valley Middle School
Mitchem, Ava Princeton Senior
Hayden, Alaina Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Rouse, Elizabeth Vance Middle School
Haywood, Aurora Fort Chiswell
Winters, Ella Virginia Middle School
Culhane, Sydney Colonial Heights Middle School
Bane, Ava Princeton Senior
Snapp, Chloe Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Powell, Kyra Vance Middle School
Helbert, Allie Holston Valley Middle School
Reichard, Jazmine Princeton Senior
Norman, Ryleigh Virginia Middle School
Huffman, Sydney Colonial Heights Middle School
Crigger, Olivia Rural Retreat
Collins, Asia Princeton Senior
Trogdon, Riley Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Hendricks, Elexis Bluff City Middle School
Harris, Maddie Vance Middle School
Morrison, Emme Princeton Senior
DeGooyer, Anevay Virginia Middle School
Villalobos, Fernanda Colonial Heights Middle School
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varsity boys 5,000 meter 115 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Snodgrass, Caney Northwood
Cox, Cayden Volunteer High School
Fadial, Hunter Sullivan East High School
Sisk, Matthew Bland County
Mai, Jonah Tennessee High School
Stevenson, Trevor Northwood
Shaft, Nathan Marion
Hancock, Ronald Fort Chiswell
McKeehan, Caleb Sullivan South High School
Rangel, Issiac Northwood
Voight, Joseph Volunteer High School
Burriss IV, William Tennessee High School
Billings, Cooper Marion
Menchaca, Devin Sullivan South High School
Crockett, Logan Rural Retreat
Gregory, Tyler Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Cannon, Jack Volunteer High School
Dingus, Matthew Tennessee High School
Dunford, Jayden Chilhowie
Coffman, Drew Sullivan South High School
King, Mason Rural Retreat
Melvin, Aidan Marion
Glass, Evan Volunteer High School
Scott, Nicholas Princeton Senior
Kestner, McKinley Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Joines, Gabe Chilhowie
Childress, Luke Tennessee High School
Cowden, Benji Sullivan South High School
Hamman, Jonah Rural Retreat
Anders, Dalton Marion
Hurt, Bradford Princeton Senior
Caldwell, Dakota Volunteer High School
Chapman, Noah Sullivan South High School
Cowden, Parker Sullivan South High School
Duncan, Cody Rural Retreat
Witcher, Jacob Sullivan East High School
Vance, Elijah Tennessee High School
Brown, Wesley Marion
Meachum, Montana Princeton Senior
Greene, Rylan Volunteer High School
Tallent, Caleb Sullivan South High School
Sage, Blane Rural Retreat
Testerman, Dakota Northwood
Latham, Carson Sullivan East High School
Roller, Perry Tennessee High School
Youngblood, Dillon Sullivan South High School
Mabe, Levi Marion
Michalik, Nathan Volunteer High School
Keen, Eli Sullivan South High School
Robbins, Josh Northwood
Littlejohn, Lance Sullivan East High School
Wilburn, Jason Bland County
Francis, Ethan Tennessee High School
Martin, Braiden Marion
Winegar, Luke Volunteer High School
Bolling, Ryker Sullivan South High School
Vaughan, Ayden Northwood
Harbaugh, John Sullivan East High School
Kennedy, Samuel Bland County
Juarez, Jerrick Tennessee High School
Westfall, Breckin Northwood
Shoup, Colin Marion
Nelson, Gabriel Fort Chiswell
Anderson, Evan Sullivan South High School
Winfree, Logan Northwood
Council, Ethyn Volunteer High School
Hemminger, David Tennessee High School
Salks, Jeramy Marion
McMurray, Tyler Sullivan South High School
Gates, Josiah Rural Retreat
Wilson, Charlie Volunteer High School
Abel, Elijah Tennessee High School
Hutchins, Ty Sullivan South High School
Streeby, Lachen Rural Retreat
Hall, Jack Marion
Bassett, Dylan Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Dickerson, Andrew Volunteer High School
Willis, Dawson Tennessee High School
Delp, Jaden Chilhowie
Coates, Eli Sullivan South High School
Harrington, Cody Rural Retreat
Britton, Cody Marion
Reed III, Jerry Princeton Senior
Snapp, Noah Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Strickland, Christopher Volunteer High School
Pittman, Zach Tennessee High School
Bernard, Bryan Sullivan South High School
Glenn, Preston Rural Retreat
Blevins, Lucas Chilhowie
Walker, Benjamin Princeton Senior
Greene, Caleb Volunteer High School
Hodge, Dillon Sullivan South High School
Parks, Levi Rural Retreat
Ragan, Jake Sullivan East High School
Streetman, Logan Tennessee High School
Wagner, Alex Sullivan South High School
Turilli, Corbin Marion
Sanders, Dylan Princeton Senior
Ferguson, Logan Volunteer High School
Meehan, Billy Sullivan South High School
Graber, Ethan Northwood
Perry, Andrew Sullivan East High School
Lay, Brice Tennessee High School
Chartier, Jackson Sullivan South High School
Hernandez-Canales, Johnny Marion
Dingus, Preston Volunteer High School
Filetti, Nathan Sullivan South High School
Mitchell, Aaron Northwood
Ledford, Drew Sullivan East High School
Irwin, David Bland County
Roberts, Christian Tennessee High School
Pennington, Aidan Marion
Porter, Justin Fort Chiswell
Burnette, Ty Volunteer High School
Blevins, Micah Sullivan South High School
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varsity girls 5,000 meters 65 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Foskett, Melissa Princeton Senior
Wilmoth, Sydney Volunteer High School
Fain, Emily Sullivan East High School
Smith, Sydney Tennessee High School
King, Madelyn Rural Retreat
Hall, Cierra Princeton Senior
Tirado, Sarah Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Mittelsteadt, Skylar Sullivan South High School
Skaggs, Riley Sullivan East High School
Rose, Grace Chilhowie
Lemmons, Kayla Tennessee High School
Smith, Hannah Princeton Senior
Dancy, Mary Grace Sullivan South High School
Anderson, Judy Marion
Aubrey, Emma Sullivan East High School
Chen, Liz Tennessee High School
Wolfe, Hanna Sullivan South High School
Melvin, Izzy Marion
Brown, Nikki Sullivan East High School
Cathcart, Sophia Marion
McKinney, Elise Volunteer High School
Malcolm, Amelia Sullivan East High School
McNally, Celine Volunteer High School
Winegar, Sara Volunteer High School
Crowgey, Tia Northwood
Brown, Maddie Sullivan East High School
Patton, Kelsey Fort Chiswell
Christian, Megan Volunteer High School
Wade, Bethany Volunteer High School
Lowery, Mandy Sullivan East High School
Arrington, Zoe Tennessee High School
Streeby, Jade Rural Retreat
Collins, Hayley Princeton Senior
Davenport, Zoe Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Youngblood, Megan Sullivan South High School
Dougherty, Zoe Sullivan East High School
Robbins, Gwen Chilhowie
Osborne, Ginny Tennessee High School
Sizemore, Alyssa Princeton Senior
Grossman, Catherine Patrick Henry (G. Spring)
Meehan, Carrie Sullivan South High School
Rosas, Autumn Marion
Rumley, Jordan Sullivan East High School
Schram, Emily Chilhowie
Davis, Emma Tennessee High School
Taylor, Cara Sullivan South High School
Miller, Jazz Marion
Pinter, Brooke Princeton Senior
Sams, Cheyenne Tennessee High School
Perry, Abi Sullivan East High School
Ratliff, Sayler Sullivan South High School
Patterson, Summer Marion
Armstrong, Jasmine Sullivan East High School
Myers, Faith Marion
Archer, Kali Bland County
Chambers, Julia Volunteer High School
Irwin, Victoria Bland County
Cross, Kari Sullivan East High School
Cazier, Kassidy Fort Chiswell
Michalik, Rachel Volunteer High School
Hamilton, Sydney Volunteer High School
Sybers, Hannah Northwood
Vance, Jayla Sullivan East High School
Yontz, Madison Rural Retreat
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