Centreville Pyramid Unified Sports Championships

Clifton, VA
Hosted by Centreville

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Start time for event: 9am on Saturday, September 28th at Centreville High School

This is a password protected meet, please email Josh Culver jculver@fcps.edu for the password and permission forms.   Please identify which school you are registering with.

PERMISSION FORMS will be brought to the event by team administrator. When you submit request for password permission forms will be forwarded.

Coaches and Administration meeting at 8:30.

1. Track Events: 50 meter dash, 25 meter walk, 25 meter wheelchair (not powered), 25 meter wheelchair (powered)

o Both "Athletes" students with disabilities and "Partners" students without disabilities will compete in this event

2. Field Event- Tennis Ball Throw

Both Athletes students with disabilities and Partners students without disabilities can compete in this event.

3. 4x100 Relay- Each school will submit relay team / relay teams to compete

Each relay team will consist of 4 students

Two students will be Athletes

Two students will be Partners

The 1st and 4th length of the 4x100 relay should be run by an Athlete

The 2nd and 3rd length of the 4x100 relay should be run by a Partner

Accommodations- if you have any extra staff or helpers that will be assisting an Athlete during the relay- you do not need to list them on the relay team entry form. We are allowing all forms of accommodations and do not need to know the names of these helpers. Please note that the Partners will be on the relay teams and unable to assist Athletes so we are recommending the staff members fill this role if needed for Athletes who need assistance.

OTHER EVENTS INCLUDE (Details to be shared at event)

4. Football obstacle course

5. Mascot Race

6. Crescendo Relay

o The last event will be a fun / silly Crescendo Relay where we combine athletes and staff from all the attending schools.

o Each relay team will consist of 8 runners (runners will run in pairs of 2 for each length of the relay

o There will be 5 relay teams competing broken up by the elementary schools:

i.Bull Run ES

ii.Centreville ES

iii.Centre Ridge ES

iv.Colin Powell ES

v.Union Mill ES

o Each 100 meter length of the 4x100 relay will be broken up as follows:

i.1st leg- elementary Coach / staff member holding hands with an Athlete from their corresponding school. (i.e. Union Mill ES Coach holding hands with Union Mill ES partner)

ii.2nd leg- Liberty Middle School Principal / administrator / staff member holding hands with a Liberty Athlete.

iii.3rd leg- Centreville HS administrator holding hands with a Centreville HS athlete. Please note we will need 5 administrators / staff members to help compete:).

iv.4th leg- Principal / Administrator of each elementary school holding hands with an Athlete from the same elementary school.


1. Teams will be sitting on visitor side of the stadium.

2. Spectators will be sitting on the home side of the stadium.

Please email Josh Culver jculver@fcps.edu or Jean Cole-Kleitz jmcolekleitz@fcps.edu if you have questions.