Wolverine Track Classic 2020

Purcellville, VA

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Director:                  Bruce Sheppard     

(540) 247 5268 c  (540) 662 4570 h      bajbsheppard@comcast.net

Site:                           Woodgrove High School Purcellville, VA

Date:                         Friday, April 17, 2020

Time:                         2:00               Scratch Meeting - Storage Building (All pre-meet scratches at this time. (NO ADDITIONS)

                                                         Certification of Weight Implements -Storage Building

                                   3:00               Field Events

                                   3:15               3200 Meter Relay

                                    4:00               Running Events -(All running events - are sections on time)

                                   5:30               Coaches dinner (dinner provided for two hour period)

Individual Participation Rule (84-3-1

In one meet a contestant may  compete in any number of field events but shall be limited to participation in only three running, except that a contestant who competes in the 3200 meter run maycompete in only one other running event. 


There will be a 2 hour open pit to

complete 4 jumps. Throws will be conducted in flights, 4 attempts per thrower.

No finals. In 2020 the games committee may

institute a minimum distance after measuring the first attempt in both jumps

and throws.

Implements:                       Meet officials must verify event implements in front of the garage by2:30.

Eligibility:                             Each school may enter two (2) contestants

in each event

Coaches Meeting:

Scratches only.  

No additional entries will be accepted.      

NO entry additions will be accepted

after Tuesday April 14, 11:59 PM

Entry Fee:                            $300.00 per combined boys and girls team

                                               Make checks payable to: Woodgrove High School

Your team will not compete without submitting a check by the start of the meet. If you plan on paying on arrival, please e-mail Bruce Sheppard.

Entries:                        All entries must be entered on Milestat by 11:59pm,Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Entry period begins on April 1 

Scoring:                               8

scoring places
: First (10) Second (8) Third (6) Fourth (5)

Fifth (4) Sixth (3) Seventh (2) Eighth (1).

Trophy/Medals:                  A

plaque will be awarded to the winning and runner-up teams (girls' & boys'

teams). Medals will be awarded to thetop six place winners in each event.

Team trophies and an outstanding male and female athlete will be awarded at the

conclusion of the meet. Individual winners will be announced following each

event, and medals will be bagged for each team and given afterwards.

Admission:                          $6.00 per person. Athletes will be admitted

in uniform only. Teams must enter together through GATE 5 at the far end of the


Passes:                                The following passes will be honored: VASSP, NASSP, VHSCA, VIAAA and District

passes (bearer only). Pass holders will be asked to sign a guest register.

Concessions:                     The concession stand will be open with a wide variety of hot fresh foods and cold


Hospitality Room:             Open to coaches and meet personnel only. Located

in Team Room 1 at the end of the stadium opposite the scoreboard. It will be open from 5:30 until 7:30. (NO

athletes, managers, parents, etc. allowed. 

Please tell your athletes)


Rubberized All Weather surface. (Flats and 1/4" inch spikes only)


On the home side by the first turn.          


All runners are to report to the bull pen (middle of the football field) or their

field eventon or before theSECOND CALL.Failure to report at this time will result in the athlete

being scratched from that event.


All runners in lane events must return to the finish line in their proper lanes

after the completion of each race.

Electronic communication equipment (cell phones, walkie-talkies and others) and video

equipment are banned in the competition and designated warm-up areas.


All members of a team, when not participating in an event, must stay outside the

track area. Teams are asked to

set tents up on visitor side, around to the scoreboard area and NOT in the

. They may also set up in

the grassy areas outside the fence. Please

keep home bleachers open for spectators only.

Advise your athletes to use gate entrance ways, and to NOT JUMP OVER THE FENCES surrounding our track.


We ask all coaches to remain away from the finish line and the F.A.T. tent at all

times. NO coach will be allowed on the infield once the running events begin.


Results will be posted on the back of the ticket booth and the complete results will be

available to each coach after the meet. DO NOT go to the press box for



Meet records will be sent with your entry packets and will be posted at the meet.

Properly Equipped and Sportsmanship Certification Form will be in your coaches packet at

the Scratch Meeting.

400 meter relay teams may use tongue depressors or half tennis balls ONLY as markers on the track.

Jumpers may place markers in the grass OUTSIDE OF THE RUNWAY, however,NO TAPE IS ALLOWED on the runway or high jump surfaces.

Bus Arrival:             Please have your bus driver park and drop your athletes off in the gravel parking lot located behind the ticket booth at the entrance to Winning Way driveway.

T-SHIRTS:           There will be official Wolverine Classic Invitational T-shirts and hoodies on sale the day of the event.