Walsingham Invitational

Williamsburg, VA

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This meet is for both varsity and junior varsity athletes in small independent schools (D2), or small public schools upon approval. Varsity athletes may be in grades 8 to 12, and Junior Varsity Athletes in grades 6 to 10.

The following is an approximate time schedule which is subject to change:

Field events will begin at 9:00 AM, track events at 11:00 AM.

Field events schedule:

9:00 AM

Varsity Boys Discus followed by Varsity Girls followed by JV Boys followed by JV Girls.

Varsity Girls Shot Put followed by Varsity Boys followed by JV Girls followed by JV Boys.

Varsity Girls Long Jump followed by Varsity Boys followed by Varsity Girls triple Jump followed by Varsity Boys. JV long jump and triple jump will then follow in the same order.

Varsity Boys High Jump followed by Varsity Girls followed by JV Boys followed by JV Girls.

Track events schedule unless otherwise noted events are Varsity Girls, JV Girls, Varsity Boys, JV Boys:

11:00 AM: (this will be a rolling schedule)

4 x 800 relay (will combine boys and girls heats)

100/110 hurdles

100 m dash

1600 m run

4 x 100 relay

400 m dash

300 hurdles

800 m run

200 m dash

3200 m run (may combine boys and girls depending on entries)

4 x 400 relay

The entry fee is $90.00 per team per gender, $150 for both genders. JV is $75.00 and $100.00. Maximum for a school is $180.00. For teams with fewer numbers, entry fees are $15.00 per athlete. Please make checks payable to Walsingham Academy.