STC Earlybird Middle School Invitational

Richmond, VA

Meet Information

  1. Grade Level: Open to athletes in grades 5-8.

    Events and Estimated Time Schedule

    3:30pm Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw

    *Boys and Girls will have separate LJ pits right next to each other.

    *High jump will run combined, starting at 3-6 and moving up 2" at a time.

    *Throwing events will run combined, starting with discus, then shot.  High school weights will be used.

4:30pm Girls 100 meter dash
4:40pm Boys 100 meter dash
4:50pm Girls 1600 meter run
5:00pm Boys 1600 meter run
5:10pm Girls 4 x 100 meter relay
5:20pm Boys 4 x 100 meter relay
5:25pm Girls 400 meter run
5:40pm Boys 400 meter run
5:50pm Girls 800 meter run
5:55pm Boys 800 meter run
6:05pm Girls 200 meter dash
6:15pm Boys 200 meter dash
6:25pm Girls 4 x 400 meter relay
6:35pm Boys 4 x 400 meter relay

Other Important Information

1a. Entry limit for individual events: 5 entries per school
1b. Entry limit for relay events: 2 entries per school
2. In LJ, SP, DT, each person will get THREE attempts.
3. The top 8 in both individual and relay events will be scored in the following manner: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
4. Entries are due on by Saturday, March 21st at 9:00pm. Heat sheets will be emailed to coaches on Sunday. Please print that heat sheet to have at the meet.
5. Individual running events will require a hip number. Please check in at the booth before your event to get your hip number. On relays, only the anchor leg needs a hip number. Hip number should be placed on the left hip, being sure it is not covered by the jersey.
6. Please bring your own batons for the relays if possible. We will have some extras on hand if you do not have your own.
7. Results will be posted on after the meet.