The Summertime Showcase

Charlottesville, VA

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions


4/20/20 Update: Performances achieved at this meet can be used to adjust your seed/mark for NBNO. You must enter before the regular deadline though to not incur the late fee, you can edit your seed/mark though after you enter the meet. 

Hosts and timers from multiple meets across the Commonwealth of Virginia are joining forces to host the (hopefully one and only) Summertime Showcase this July 10th at the University of Virginia. This meet will be run on Friday July 10th ahead of the Virginia Middle School State meet July 11th. 

The meet is open to any athlete that would have competed in high school track during the 2020 outdoor track season. The meet will currently be open to athletes from all states but that may change pending what the governor allows. This meet is planned for this date but our ability to host it is 100% up to state/local/University officials allowing the meet to go on. The decision ultimately will be made by those folks and not just us track lovers... that is ultimately for the safety and well-being of our communities. 

This meet is NOT sanctioned by the Virginia High School League or NFHS meaning only club teams may enter the meet. Athletes may also compete unattached (instructions below). To set up a new club team see below. Athletes may not compete in their school uniform either. Please reference the VHSL website here or reach out to Tom Dolan (Rules interpreter) with any questions. 

All that being said, registration is now open! PLEASE DO NOT PAY UNTIL JUNE 20th!!! We cannot send back money so please hold off on paying until after June 20th. 

Contact: email: for any questions regarding this event. 

Tentative Schedule (As of April 13th, 2020)

Friday July 10th

8:00am Track Opens 

9:00am Boys 110m Hurdle Prelims 

--times to be listed once entries are more finalized--

Girls 100m Hurdle Prelims

Boys 100m Dash Prelims

Girls 100m Dash Prelims 

Girls  4x800m Relay

Boys 4x800m Relay 

Girls Sprint Medley Relay

Boys Sprint Medley Relay

Girls 100m Hurdle Finals

Boys 110m Hurdle Finals

Girls 100m Dash Final

Boys 100m Dash Final 

Girls Mile Run (Enter 1600 for registration, all races will be full mile)

Boys Mile Run (Enter 1600 for registration, all races will be full mile)

Girls 4x100m Relay

Boys 4x100m Relay

Girls 400m Dash

Boys 400m Dash

Girls Distance Medley Relay

Boys Distance Medley Relay

Girls 300m Hurdles 

Boys 300m Hurdles

Girls 800m Run

Boys 800m Run

Girls 200m Dash 

Boys 200m Dash

Girls Two Mile Run

Boys Two Mile Run

Mixed 4x400m Relay

Girls 4x400m Relay

Boys 4x400m Relay

Field Events (All open pit)

Times are ESTIMATED!!!-- will update once entries close

10:00am - Boys & Girls High Jump (5 Alive using two pits)

10:00am - Boys Pole Vault 

10:00am - Girls Shot Put (3 Throws + Finals for Top 9)

10:00am - Boys Discus Throw (3 Throws + Finals for Top 9)

12:00pm - Girls Pole Vault 

12:00pm - Boys & Girls Long Jump (3 Jumps + Finals for Top 9) 

12:00pm -  Boys Shot Put (3 Throws + Finals for Top 9)

12:00pm - Girls Discus Throw (3 Throws + Finals for Top 9)

4:00pm -   Boys & Girls Triple Jumps (3 Jumps + Finals for Top 9)

Meet Info & FAQ

Registration Window: Registration is open until 7/5/20 at 11:59pm. That means you cannot enter on 7/6/20 at 12:01am.

Registration Limits: This meet is allowing unlimited entries in all events. Athletes may also compete in as many events as they please, IF we are limited in total number of athletes by health officials at any point that information will be publicized here. 

How To Pay: You can pay only via Paypal which is listed on the payment tab under your registration. Payment is due at the time of registration closing.

Meet Sanctioning: This meet IS NOT sanctioned by USATF or NFHS. It is an open competition. All athletes must be club athletes or unattached athletes during this meet. Athletes and teams must register under their club team or as an unattached athlete. To create a club team please email MileSplit, to enter just an individual follow the instructions below.  The meet is open to all athletes who would have competed in the 2020 outdoor track season as a high schooler. That means athletes from the graduating classes of 2020-2023. 

Meet Rules: The meet will follow USATF rules, please reference a 2019-2020 handbook for those rules... this includes a 30m exchange zone in the 4x100m relay. 

Meet Location & Parking: The track & field  championships will take place at Lannigan Field on the campus of the University of Virginia. There are multiple parking lots around the track facility, some are close to a 300m walk to the stadium.

Packet Pickup/Team Setup Area: Teams/individuals need to check-in and enter the facility on the side entrance. That is where packet pickup and the clerking of running races will be. Teams will get their bibs and be shown where check-in will take place. From there teams can setup tents along the back turn and back stretch of the facility at the top of the hill. 

Results: Live Results will be posted on this meet page as well as posted on and MileSplit's live results platform. They will have live results and scoreboards at the facility.

How To Qualify: Enter your PR or NT for the event(s) you want to compete in. Without a verified mark you may be placed in a slower heat, unverified marks will be checked for accuracy. 

How To Enter: You can enter your athlete (or yourself) or team right here on MileStat! You just need to be a team admin or parent who has claimed the athlete's profile. From there you log into your account and come to this meet page. Then click the green "Register Online" button in the upper right side.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is just that, an entry fee, not a competition fee. It is $15 per entry. That fee goes to paying the facility, officials, and timing equipment for this meet. Entry fees are due at the time of registration closing. If you pay and the meet cannot happen we will be refunding mostly all of the registration fee, the only nonrefundable portion will be things that are not refundable for us as well such as insurance, bibs, and meet supplies... though we don't have an exact number, we would expect to refund close to 90% of the entry cost if we had to cancel the event within about two weeks of the event happening. We obviously will be waiting until the last minute to purchase these just in case. If the event happens it will be the normal policy of it being an entry fee and not a competition fee. 

Spectators: Fans, parents, and family can and are asked to come watch this meet to give these athletes a packed house and awesome atmosphere. It is $10 per spectator, children under a certain age will be admitted for free. Athletes competing are allowed in for free as well. We ask that ALL spectators practice social distancing, wear protective face masks/face coverings when possible, wash hands frequently, and not attend if they are running a fever, have a cough, shortness of breath or feel sick. 

Spikes Allowed: Only 1/4" pyramid spikes are allowed if your athlete is wearing spikes.

Shot Put/Discus Weights: Standard high school weights, to be weighed in at the event. 

Hurdle Spacing & Heights: Standard high school heights and distances. 

T-Shirts for Sale: T-Shirts will be for sale at this event with every athlete's name on the back. 

Where To Check-In For Events: Check-in for all running events will be at the shed near the start of the 100m dash. All events should check-in before the prior event starts competing. That means when the girls 100 is running the boys 100 should be already checking in. Field events can check in at the event ~30 minutes before the listed start time.

Awards: Awards will be awarded only if the event has over 1,000 competitors. If that is the case awards will be given to the top 3 in every event. 

Relay Teams: Batons will be provided, only one relay team per club. Club teams and all-star relays are allowed. Please denote all-star relays in the registration window if they are chasing a record. 

Contact Info: Meet management can be reached via email at


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