Lynchburg, VA

Meet Information

Proposed Date:  Wednesday February 17, 2021
Location:  Heritage High School

Meet Director(s): Shawn Webb

Entries:  Entries will be through Milestat Entry Services must be entered by 11pm on Monday February 15, 2021

****Verification Form: PLEASE E-MAIL VHSL REGIONAL VERIFICATION FORM TO Shawn Webb @webbse@lcsedu.net by 12:00pm Tuesday, February 16th.

Time:  Wednesday, February 17th. Meet will start at 12:00 pm. This will be a partial Polar Bear Meet with the majority of running events taking place outside. All field events and the 55 races will be inside.

Admission:  No spectators allowed either inside or out

Region Qualifiers:  Region 3 C - Top 2 performers in each event from the Jefferson, Seminole, and Valley District meets and top performer from the Shenandoah District. After the automatics are entered, the remaining 5 best performances will be included so that we can have a maximum of 12 athletes in each event. The Jefferson, Seminole, and Valley district will send their top 2 relay teams, while the Shenandoah district will send one. There will be an At-Large relay entry for each relay event chosen from the remaining schools that had the fastest time. In relays, there will be a maximum of 8 teams.

State Qualifiers: State 3A - top 3 performers and top 3 relay teams in each regional event

Format: Regional Tournament for Track and Field as defined by the Region 3A and VHSL Handbooks.

Screening: When arriving to Heritage High School to compete, all athletes and coaches must go through a screening process. We will conduct these screenings as you get off the bus because we will still have classes going on.

Order of Events:  The following events will take place inside the HHS Indoor Track; Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, and the 55m/55H. The remainder of running events will be run outside as a Polar Bear Meet.


Meet Director- Shawn Webb
Meet Referee- Rod Camden
Starter- Paul Pendergraft
Jury of Appeals- David Stewart (Fort Defiance), JJ Johnson (Brookville), Sue Rinker (Spotswood), Steve Ivory (Monticello)
Timing/ Clerking- Heritage High School(Theo McIvor/ Duane Morgan)
Finish Line- Rustburg High School
Turn/ Lane Judge- Fort Defiance High School
Turn/ Lane Judge-Waynesboro High School
Turn/ Lane Judge- Turner Ashby High School
Turn/ Lane Judge- Western Albemarle High School
Relay Exchange Zone(1)- Broadway High School
Relay Exchange Zone(4x200 only)- Heritage High School 
Girls/ Boys Pole Vault- LCA
Girls Long Jump- Fluvanna County High School
Boys Long Jump- Charlottesville High School
Girls Triple Jump- Brookville High School
Boys Triple Jump-
Girls Shot Put- Rockbridge County
Boys Shot Put- Wilson Memorial High School/ Waynesboro
Girls High Jump- Spotswood High School
Boys High Jump- Monticello High School

Time Schedule: (Coaches Meeting @ 11:35am)

12:00pm: Girls Long Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys High Jump, Girls Pole Vault

12:50pm: Boys Long Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls High Jump, Boys Pole Vault

1:40pm: Girls Triple Jump

2:30pm: Boys Triple Jump

1:45pm: Girls 4x800 Meter Relay (Outdoor Track)

2:00pm: Boys 4x800 Meter Relay (Outdoor Track)

2:20pm: Girls 55 Meter Hurdles (Indoor Track)

2:25pm: Boys 55 Meter Hurdles (Indoor Track)

2:30pm: Girls 55 Meter Dash (Indoor Track)

2:35pm: Boys 55 Meter Dash (Indoor Track)

3:10pm: Girls 4x200 Meter Relay (Outdoor Track)

3:15pm: Boys 4x200 Meter Relay (Outdoor Track)

3:20pm: Girls 1600 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

3:30pm: Boys 1600 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

3:40pm: Girls 500 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

3:55pm: Boys 500 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

4:00pm: Girls 1000 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

4:05pm: Boys 1000 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

4:10pm: Girls 300 Meter Dash (Outdoor Track)

4:15pm: Boys 300 Meter Dash (Outdoor Track)

4:20pm: Girls 3200 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

4:40pm: Boys 3200 Meter Run (Outdoor Track)

4:55pm: Girls 4x400 Meter Relay (Outdoor Track)

5:05pm: Boys 4x400 Meter Relay (Outside Track)

5:20pm: Awards